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Finding the Perfect Family Home

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Looking for the perfect family home? Perhaps you’re looking to start a family or perhaps you already have kids and now looking to settle down somewhere long-term. Whatever the case, here are some of the important factors to consider.

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A family friendly neighborhood 

The neighborhood may well be the most important aspect when finding a family home. You want to ensure that there are other families living in the area and that there is access to local schools, nurseries, parks and leisure activities. A low crime rate could also help you and your family to feel safer.

You should decide how far you’re willing to move – moving long distance could allow you to find the perfect community, however it could mean getting a new job and being further from your family. Sites like can help you to find a property if you’re looking to make a long-distance move. If you want to stay local, you may be able to get by using local estate agents.

Enough rooms

A rather obvious one: You need to make sure that there are enough bedrooms for you and your kids. Take into account your future plans – is your family going to grow anymore? If so, a spare room could be useful. You may also be able to consider space that can be converted into an extra bedroom such as an attic or a garage.

finding the perfect family home

Outdoor space

Having a backyard could give your kids somewhere safe and private to play. Ideally you want something larger than a tiny courtyard. If you’re moving to a city or an urban area, finding a home with an outdoor space may not always be possible so consider this compromise.

A good amount of storage space

With kids comes extra stuff including toys, clothes and all manner of baby accessories. In-built cupboards can be a great feature to have and could save you having to buy extra wardrobes and storage containers. If you aren’t lucky enough to find somewhere that ticks this box, consider the size of rooms and ensure that there’s enough space to put storage containers.

Minimal hazards

Certain features could be dangerous for young kids and are worth looking out for. These include balconies, swimming pools and ponds. You may be able to put in precautions to stop these being such a danger such as covering a pool or putting a stairgate in front of a balcony, however you may prefer to do without them. This guide at offer some more hazards to look out for.

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