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Encouraging Big Dreams from Little People

We all have dreams, and likely as an adult, you might remember the moment that your dreams were drifting off into the distance. Luckily we now live in a world where there aren’t any dreams that are too big, and almost everything is achievable. One of the main things you will do as parents is encouraging your children to dream and explore. 

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Some children are naturally talented in a specific area, and others take a while to find what makes them glow. And no matter which category your child falls into, there are ways that you can encourage them to dream big!


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Dream Yourself

If you have dreams and ambitions, then it makes sense for you to pursue them if you can. When it comes to achieving big things and doing things that you love, you can be a role model here. You can show your child that no matter what their goal is, you can strive towards it – no matter what is going on in your life. Share your dreams with your children, and they will share right back. 


Sometimes it is all about the freedom that a child has to explore. Our lives are so heavily scheduled now that as parents, part of our role is to know when it becomes too much and your child needs a break. Between school, chores and extracurricular activities, there can be very minimal time left. Without some breaks, your child will always be focused on the task at hand, rather than letting their mind wander into dream territory. 


You will be your child’s first source of inspiration. They will want to be just like you for so long that the next bit can be exciting and the end of an era. Introduce your child to history makers, big thinkers, authors and creators. For example, if they have a passion for writing, take them to the library, research authors who write about things that your child is interested in and show them things like Student Treasures. Let them know just how possible their dreams are. 

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Do Things

We now have a huge amount of access to educational outings, deliveries and online resources. Getting STEM kits delivered, learn how to do a Dutch Pour painting, find a telescope on sale, and discover things together. 

Heading on days out, even just to the local park or nature reserve can give them ideas for paintings, writing, and creating things. Let them experiment with their own picnic items.

If you have old defunct electronics, remove the battery, and let them look at the wiring and the circuit boards. When you go to the beach search for rocks filled with gems, or imprinted with fossils. And apply the same to talking a walk too. Make a list of things to spot. 

Allowing them to see inside of things, and work out how they work, not just know that they work can give them a greater understanding of the world around them 

Create an environment where dreaming isn’t just a little bit encouraged, but it is the driving force behind your family. 

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