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Dressing Up Your New Baby

Is your infant’s wardrobe carefully crafted and ready to go for when baby arrives? Maybe you’ve packed out the entire nursery with cute little dresses and bibs?  You probably have pairs of mini blue jeans and cute t-shirts for your baby to bounce around in.  Your baby’s wardrobe has cute little numbers  that you can’t wait to snap some photos of, am I right?  Of course if you don’t , that’s okay too.  When it comes to preparing for your little one’s arrival, you have quite a lot to think about.  One of those areas is your baby’s wardrobe, but it doesn’t have to be stressful!  The good news is that dressing up your new baby can be both fun and economical.

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A lot of parents worry about what to dress their baby in during the day, and how restricting their clothing should be at night etc etc. But when it really comes down to it, it’s all up to you and how well you know your baby.  If you are struggling, we have a couple of tips to get started.

baby shoes and other baby clothes

It’s cute! But make sure it’s practical as well! (Source)

Use Onesies as Base Layers

Newborn clothes have a way of making us go ‘awwww!’ It’s because of this we can go a little crazy before baby is born, and pack out a whole closet full of clothing to make sure our little ones looks as dapper as possible. However, hopefully you included plenty of onesies in your shopping habits, as these are the easiest things to get on, and act as a wonderful base layer for any newborn outfit.  Today they actually come in lots of cute and practical styles, and should act as the foundation for your baby’s outfit.  In fact, in the summer, this may be all they need to wear.

Hopefully you also get some outfits with footies on them.  These are going to be best for keeping your baby’s toes warm, and not losing a fortune in infant socks each month. Babies kick and flail a lot, and so any socks that aren’t attached to the rest of the outfit will most likely become casualties in your quest to dress baby up properly.  As your baby gets a bit bigger, what’s in the diaper can become a fascination of sorts too.  If you have outfits that fully cover the diaper area, it will help with babies that like to diaper dig.  In fact, our daughter still wears footie pajamas to bed even now!

Layer Up From There

Seasons change and so will your baby’s tolerance to them! Always make sure you’re layering accordingly when it comes to the weather outside.  Keep an eye out for any quick changes in the temperature when you’re out and about in the stroller or when you’re just carrying your baby.

Once you’ve got a onesie on, you can put all manner on clothes on on top, as long as baby isn’t too hot or you’re just laying around the house for the day. Even a lot of dresses will fit nicely over a onesie, so your styling will never go to waste here.  And for precautions sake, always have another shirt or another layer in your bag, as sometimes the blanket in the stroller might just not be enough. Especially if it starts to get drizzly out and you’re not near home to rush back there.

Onesies make changing a whole lot easier, as you don’t have to completely undress your little one.  Simply undo the snaps in the diaper area, and you are in business.  This work especially well when you have snaps in your child’s jeans or a cute little dress.  Always think of how easy it will be to change your baby when selecting items for the wardrobe.  Trust me, you will thank yourself later.

Dressing Up Your New Baby

When it comes to dressing your baby up all smart and pretty, you can put whatever you want on them! Baby won’t mind, as long as nothing is too restricting or can be kicked off easily! You might have to wait till they’re older for complex outfits!  And remember, dressing up your new baby can be both fun and economical.


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