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Doggy Delight: 6 Reasons To Get Your Child A Fury Friend

We live in a world of cliches, and most of them are embedded in truth. This is especially apparent when they say that dogs are man’s best friend. Getting a fury friend could transform your family life forever.  Of course, not every family has the time or resources to have a dog. For those that do, however, this can be the perfect way to bring unconditional love into the family home. Here are just six reasons why it could be the smartest thing you’ll ever do.

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Bring The Family Together

In addition to the unconditional love that a dog directly brings to the home, your furry friend will bring you closer together. A shared love of the pet is something that can help you fight back against the threat of being glued to technology on a 24/7 basis.

Even when you are sat on the sofa stroking the dog together, family time will feel more special. Besides, the pet will always provide magical moments. Whether it does something funny or cute, the family can unite to enjoy those experiences together.

It’s a simple reward, but it’s probably the best one that any family will ever enjoy.

Encourage Greater Physical Activity

Most people are guilty of being a little lazy in our daily lives. In truth, it’s quite understandable given the difficulties of juggling parent life with a career and other commitments. Still, this cannot be an excuse for overlooking the need to exercise.

While there’s still a need to enjoy family sports and other forms of exercise, a dog naturally encourages you to be more active. Taking daily walks as a family can be an excellent way for the whole family to spend time together while getting a little exercise.

It’s a great way for young kids to explore and develop motor skill.

at the dog park


Prevent Depression

Aside from physical health benefits, a family pet is sure to aid the emotional health of all family members. For starters, stroking a dog is scientifically shown to reduce stress and leave you in a far happier place. Given the complexities of modern life, this is excellent news for everyone.

Dogs are also great listeners, even if they can’t understand the words. Kids and adults alike can see enormous benefits simply by getting issues off their chests. As explained at, bottling things inside is never good. Talking to the dog is less daunting.

If your children have special needs or speech problems, having a dog helps with these issues too.

Teach Responsibility

As a parent, teaching kids to take responsibility in life is an ongoing challenge. However, children need an active incentive to embrace those developments. Taking care of the dog is a great way for them to learn about various daily tasks and assignments.

This could mean enabling kids to play an active role in bathing or grooming duties. Alternatively, it may be a case of shutting doors or turning off electrical goods to ensure that the dog is kept safe and comfortable at all times.   

Either way, this can only encourage children to take responsibility in their lives too.

washing the dog


Develop A Love Of Learning

Visual, verbal, and aural learning are all great ways for a child to develop. Still, interactive learning is shown to gain a far better response, not least because it is more fun. Use the dog as an excuse to promote this, and the benefits will inevitably influence their academic progress too.

There are many ways to do this. Discovering more about your pet’s ancestral background is a great option. Visit for further details. Likewise, your child’s desire to learn more about dog behaviors can have a similarly positive impact.

Getting kids to actively love learning is a major success for any parent.

Fight Against Illness

Of course, anyone with allergies to pet hair will be ruled out of getting a dog. For everyone else, though, it’s worth noting that growing up in a home with a pet can make you less vulnerable to minor illnesses and further allergies.

 This is shown to have a positive impact even from the gestation period. The bacterial exchange between humans and dogs encourages the immune system to get stronger. This reduces the likelihood of asthma, eczema, and obesity.

 While this doesn’t make you invincible against illnesses, it certainly makes a positive impact. When added to the other benefits, getting a dog truly is one of the best decisions any modern family can make.

Doggy Delight: 6 Reasons To Get Your Child A Fury Friend

If you have been thinking about getting a special fury friend for your little one, now is the time!  Dogs make great companions and teach your child responsibility.  Having a dog will provide your child with learning experiences that will last a lifetime.

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