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DIY Projects, Recipes, Crafts and All Around Family Fun!

We have all been in that place where we are between adventures, and yet we long to go on another.  This is when we must make the best of being at home. Having a family adventure right in your own house is just what the doctor ordered sometimes.  This is when DIY project, recipes and crafts can come in very handy.

Maybe its a fidget or sensory toy you need, or maybe you are in need of some new gadgets for your sensory sensitive kiddo’s room.  We can help you out there too, with great resources for how to renovate your home’s spaces so they work well for your family.

You will also find allergy friendly recipes and tips for feeding your child with special dietary concerns.  We have tips for preparing pureed foods at home and on the go!  Travelling with food restrictions can be a challenge, but can also be surprisingly easy with some of the strategies we have learned over the years.  Check out our resources below.

Your family can use the resources here to find tips for when you need to be at home.  You will find recipes, DIY projects and crafts to keep the kids busy.

DIY Family Fun at home
Family Fun and Crafts
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Home for the Holidays
Home for the Holidays

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