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DIY Jack O’ Lantern Wreath The Whole Family Can Make

It’s fall now.  The air is crisp, and the leaves are falling.  And you know what that means – Halloween is just around the corner!  Our kids are getting excited about all the fun that goes along with this creepy day.  This year we spent time as a family making a Jack O’ Lantern wreath, and it was so much fun.  Here is how your family can make one too!

Jack O' Lantern Wreath

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Necessary Materials:

spray paint clothes pins pizza pan

  • Pizza Pan

  • Close pins

  • Orange spray paint

  • Black spray paint

  • Jack O’ Lantern face stencil

Step-by-Step Process:

  • Spray Paint the pizza pan with the Orange paint front and back.  

  • Spray paint the clothes pins.  Paint half of the clothes pins Black and half of them Orange.  To make spraying them easier, it helps to pin them to a clothes line as pictured below.  

spray clothes pins orange and black

  • Allow both the pizza pan and the clothes pins to dry for at least a couple of hours before moving on to the next steps.

DIY Jack O' Lantern Door Wreath

  • While you are waiting for the paint to dry, create a Jack O’ Lantern face stencil out of card stock.  We used PowerPoint to create a face using the Shapes feature of the program.  If you are more talented than us, you could try drawing your face.
  • After the paint has dried and your stencil is ready, place the stencil on the top of the pizza pan (where you would place a pizza) and spray with Black spray paint.  
  • Carefully remove the stencil and allow paint to dry for at least an hour.  

use a stencil to create a jack o lantern face


  • Then begin clipping clothes pins to the edge of the pan in a pattern – Orange, Black, Orange, Black….  
  • Keep placing clothes pins until the entire edge of the pizza pan is covered in clothes pins.

arrange clothespins around pizza pan in a pattern

  • Now you have a completed Jack O’ Lantern Door Wreath.  You just need to add a hanger to the back and hang it on your door!  Enjoy!  For more great fall ideas your family will enjoy, check out the FREE Fall Family Unit Study!

DIY Jack O' Lantern Wreath The Whole Family Can Make

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