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Discover Your Child’s Career Path With CashCrunch Careers (Review)

Today’s job market is wide open.  With an extremely low unemployment rate and an endless possibility of career choices, it can be daunting for your child to look ahead to the future.  This is why we really enjoyed getting the opportunity to review CashCrunch Careers by CashCrunch Games.  I have two students that are looking at possible career choices.  Here is what we found…

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Cash Crunch Games

A little bit about CashCrunch Careers

CashCrunch Careers is an online platform that allows users to see what careers would most match their personality and interests.  This is a huge database of career information which includes brief descriptions, the job outlook, required skills, where to find training, etc.

Your student will first complete a brief (10-15 minute) survey to determine what careers would be most appropriate based upon how the questions are answered.  Once your student has obtained his or her list of possible careers, it is time to get exploring.  You will find lots of great information about each career.  They even have some brief videos to show students what each job will be like.

Cash Crunch Careers

A little bit about how we used this product

Each of our students spent time working through the survey.  The survey questions were focused on traits about the student.  As the survey progresses, it shows two terms (traits) and then asks you to choose which one fits best.  Since some of the terms can be difficult to understand, the system provides definitions for each term when the student passes the cursor over the word.  This was quite helpful for our boys, as there were quite a few terms they had never heard of.

Once they were through with the survey, the fun began.  They each spent time looking through the career options.  I am not going to lie, this part can literally be continued and repeated as long as your child is a student.  There is so much information here, that we are still digging.  The career list seems to be quite vague at first – listing off very broad topics.  As we began to dive in though, the career options become much more focused.

For example, you can see my students’ career lists below.

career choices

Above you can see my middle school student’s career list. You may notice, this list is fairly general.

career choices

Above you can seem my high school student’s career list.  It is also pretty general, and lists several of the same career options as his brother.

The real magic comes when you click on an option that interests you, because then you get to see the individual careers and what they are about.  Although neither of my kids would ever be interested in a career in farming or ranching (listed as a choice for both students), they were able to find categories of interest.

CashCrunch Careers

Above you can see that CashCrunch Careers also shows students how their personality will fit within the job market and why.  This is really useful information, and seemed to be spot on for both of my students.

The program seems to be pretty accurate with what careers would be a good match for the user.  My middle school student was happy to see that Computer and Information Systems Managers was listed in his top five.  Whereas my high school student was surprised that there were no options for working with animals other than farming or ranching.  He truly loves animals and wants to pursue a career as a veterinary tech, but this option was not listed.  Since Medical and Health Services Careers where listed, he feels that this would indicate that his career choice is still a good option for him.  After all, pets need medical care too!

cashcrunch careers

Our Thoughts…

Seth (Age 12)

“I liked that the survey was more personal and it tried to find traits or qualities about you that would fit best into a career.  Also, I like that they give you a detailed information on careers of your choice, like colleges, what you would do in a certain career, and an informational video. I do think that they need to update the informational videos, because a lot of them look outdated. Overall, it found me careers that I might want to work someday and it was useful.”

Zach (Age 16)

“I thought this was useful.  The survey was hard for me, because it was hard to choose between the terms.  They did not seem to match each other.  I did like having the ability to look at lots of different careers to see what I might want to do.”

Chris (Mom)

“The program is very straight forward.  It was pretty simple to get my students set up so they could get started.  I do feel that this provided a good representation of my students personalities and interests.  We will be going back for further review as my student’s interests change and develop.”

Review Crew Thoughts…

You don’t have to take our word for it though.  There are lots of other Review Crew families that have also been working hard to bring you a great review of this product.  I highly recommend checking them out.  To do so, simply click the link below.

CashCrunch Careers {CashCrunch Games Reviews}

If your student has been struggling with what career he or she would like to pursue someday, try out CashCrunch Careers to get a better understanding.

Discover Your Child's Career Path With CashCrunch Careers

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