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Digging Up Biblical Truth With Dinosaurs And The Bible (Product Review)

Have you ever wondered how science, dinosaurs and the Bible stack up?  Well our family loves dinosaurs, and so when we got the chance to review the course Dinosaurs and the Bible from Northwest Treasures, we were excited.  We were able to see how dinosaurs and other fossils fit into Creation.  This is what we found…

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Northwest Treasures

A Little Bit About Northwest Treasures

Northwest Treasures offers geology curriculum that include subject such as rocks, fossils, and minerals.  If your family loves all things dinosaurs, they have some great courses and curriculum to let you dive deeper into the prehistoric.  You will find things that are appropriate for kids through all levels of learning (k-12).

Some of the offerings include  physical courses, trips, and online courses.  The physical courses include things like the high school level Northwest Treasures Curriculum Project and the PreK-3rd grade level Geology for “Little Eyes”.  The Review Crew has spent several weeks looking that online course offerings which include Taking the Mystery Out of Geology, Dinosaurs and the Bible, and Geology and Apologetics.  As I mentioned earlier, our family navigated the Dinosaurs and the Bible course and found it to be very comprehensive.

Take the Mystery out of Geology Online Course

A Little Bit About Dinosaurs and the Bible

Dinosaurs and the Bible is a 6 part video series that comes with worksheets and a test to make sure students are gaining a full understanding of the materials.  Each section has a video that runs right around 15-20 minutes in length and a worksheet.  At the end, the student is encouraged to take the test.  If you are using this course as a supplementary to other studies, you could forego the worksheets and test.  However, these are really good tools and not just busy work.  The questions make students think and really demonstrate how well they know the material.

Some sample questions include:

dinosaurs and the bible

The recommended ages for the course are grade 5 through adult, and I would have to say we found that to be accurate.  While younger children would find other courses amazing, this course is geared to higher learning.  In fact, the first three videos do not deal as much with dinosaurs as they do about the key players and the history behind both the creation and evolution mindsets.  This history is important to understanding how the Bible fits with dinosaurs, but may be a bit too difficult for youngsters to comprehend.

By the end of the course, you can easily see how creation and the Bible fit with dinosaurs and the fossils of old.  The more knowledge that scientists gain on this subject, the more evolution and its mindsets come into question.  If you would like to learn more about how science is beginning to support the Bible historical view, I highly encourage you to check this out.  I had just as much fun taking this course as my kids did, so even if you take this course for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Dinosaurs and the Bible Online Course

A Little Bit About How We Used The Course

We used this course as a summer supplement.  During the summer our family likes to dive into subjects of interest more deeply.  Since this course has just 6 sections, and each section’s video was just 15-20 minutes in length, it was perfect.  We worked on this over the course of two weeks, spending about an hour a day three times each week.  We used the worksheets as discussion questions and talked about each video at length.


If I were using this during the school year for a science elective, I would use the worksheets and test in a more formal manner.  I would also add a few fun hands-on activities.  Northwest Treasures offers fossil kits from various places around the world.  We plan on utilizing more courses in the future, and these kits will make the lessons come alive.  I would also like a study guide to go along with the videos, as each video is packed with great information.  It can be a bit difficult to remember everything, but of course you can view the videos numerous times during your Vimeo rental period.

watching dinosaurs and the bilble from northwest treasures

Our Thoughts…

Seth (age 12)

“Something I liked about the Dinosaurs and the Bible course was that they gave some charts, diagrams and pictures to help describe what he was talking about.  I think the information that was in the course was also good too, because we got to learn a lot about how the dinosaurs are put into the Bible.”

Zach (age 16)

“It definitely does talk about dinosaurs in the Bible.  This gives you the history of classifying creatures or animals.  It doesn’t start talking about dinosaurs right away though, and it talks more about creation and evolution first.  But at the end, the last three, it started talking more about dinosaurs and less about evolution and creation.”

Chris (Mom)

“This is a great course for those that are intersted in either geology, creation, or dinosaurs.  It does a great job of showing just how dinosaurs fit with creation and the Biblical historical view.”

Review Crew Thoughts…

You don’t have to take our word for it though.  There are other Review Crew families who have been hard at work to bring you great reviews of the Northwest Treasures courses as well.  I highly recommend checking them out.  To do so, simply click the link below.

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Digging up Biblical Truth with Dinosaurs and the Bible

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