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D is for Dinosaurs: Resources for the Entire Family

This summer, we will be hoping the train and heading to Chicago for a week long visit. We will be visiting the zoo, the aquarium, and all of the fun museums. The one we are most looking forward to is the Field Museum, which happens to be one of the largest museums of its type in the world. What are we hoping to see there? Why, dinosaurs, of course! This means that for the next few months, we are on a dinosaur exploration. If your family loves dinosaurs too, you may be interested in the resources we found.

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Books About Dinosaurs

Whatever Happened to the Dinosaurs by Bernard Most

This is an age old question that I am not entirely sure we will know the answer to while on Earth. But, this book uses humor to think of all the reasons that we don’t have dinosaurs living among us today. It brings up some great discussions for sure.

Patrick’s Dinosaurs by Carol Carrick

Although this book was first published in 1983, it is still a favorite in our house today. We get to go on an adventure with Patrick and his older brother, Hank, to the zoo. While at the zoo, the boys see an elephant, which strikes up a conversation about giant animals. Hank begins to tell all sorts of amazing facts about dinosaurs to Patrick, who just happens to have a really gigantic imagination. This makes for some dinorrific fun.

Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones by Byron Barton

This colorful book helps little ones begin to understand just what a paleontologist does while at work. It really gives kids a picture of just how big the dinosaurs really were.

Dinosaurs on Video Streaming

Netflix has dinosaurs

Dino Hunt

Dino Hunt is a 4 episode series narrated by Dan Aykroyd. This series covers two paleontology teams. One located in the Badlands who believe they have discovered a new species of dinosaur. The second group are looking for clues as to why an entire herd had died all in the same location.

This series is rated G, but may be a bit boring for the younger crowd. If you have older dinosaur enthusiasts, then this series won’t disappoint.

Raising the Dinosaur

In this exciting documentary, Sir David A Henborough takes his audience on a paleontology adventure. You will get to see the discovery of new fossils. The use of CGI and other modern technologies help to actually bring these fossils to life, so we get to see what these creature might have looked like.

Amazon Prime Video has dinosaurs too

Dinosaur Train

Although the other videos may not be for little ones with short attention spans, Dinosaur Train is perfect for the whole family. This is a regular program on PBS, and works hard to bring lots of great details about the prehistoric creatures we love.

Food Fun with Dinosaurs

Dino Pancakes

Everyone in our house loves pancakes. So when we began planning a dinosaur fun day, the menu had to include pancakes. Well, dinosaur shaped pancakes are sort of a challenge, so we used a little bit of imagination to create this yummy treat. The best advice I can give, is to make some unusual shapes and have your kids decorate their dinosaur with other breakfast foods. It’s always awesome when you can make edible art pieces, right?

Dinosaur Eggs

As scrambled eggs would not really work with the dinosaur theme of our meal, we decided to make dinosaur eggs instead. These are really just simple hard boiled eggs, dyed to look like we imagine dinosaur eggs would look. To make them, simply mix the following and dip the eggs as you would at Easter:

  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 1 tbs vinegar
  • 18 drops food coloring (6 red, 6, blue, 6 green)

Free Printable Activities

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