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Cursive Without Frustration with CursiveLogic a Review

For my son, handwriting could be considered a form of torture.  Learning cursive was also quite a chore. Unfortunately due to his dyslexia and dysgraphia, it is something he never really mastered.  With our digital world, it seemed that he would really never need this skill. Around fifth grade, we just dropped the subject all together.  Well, fast forward to high school, and being able to write in cursive becomes ever so more important.  When our family was picked to review CursiveLogic Quick Start Pack and The Art of Cursive by CursiveLogic, I was really happy. 

Cursive Logic

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  I was looking for a method of teaching cursive, but I had no idea where to begin.  I was taught the old method of letter by letter, and this did not work for my son.  Enter CursiveLogic, and now my son can write cursive with confidence.

Why is Cursive Important Anyway?

By the time a person is in high school, or maybe even before that, it is pretty much expected that each person will know how to read and write cursive – even today.  It can be quite embarrassing and isolating for those with dysgraphia when they have to fill out paper job applications or simply sign their name on a form.  Though our world is mostly digital, there are many times as an adult that we still need to know how to write.

Cursive Logic New Edition

Why the CursiveLogic Method?

It comes with a teach the teacher guide.

As I mentioned, I had absolutely no idea where to begin or how to teach my son cursive.  I had tried when he was younger to do the standard method of learning each letter separately, both upper and lower case.  Then blending the letters in to words.  After all,this is how I was taught and it still works well for print.

Cursive Logic New Edition March 2018 Discount
I needed something that made more sense to my son, and it had to come with something to teach me how to teach him.  So many programs are just simply workbooks which don’t really offer any advice for the instructor.  The CursiveLogic Quick Start Pack has both the student workbook and a webinar that guides the person teaching.

The webinar is just under an hour long, which is pretty easy to fit into the busy day.  It covers the four basic shape structures, the color code and the “catch-phrases.”  This way you can be well prepared before your student begins their learning.  A confident teacher helps make a confident student, right?  In the webinar you will also learn the proper body posture and workbook alignment for the best student success.  By the end of the webinar, felt very comfortable with the program and its structure.

I loved that it also covered the suggested lesson pacing for all students, ages and abilities.  I was afraid my son might get bored by the program, or worse yet, frustrated at the fast pace.  As it turned out, the pace was perfect for him.  He often would move forward on his own, just because he was having fun with it.

It works for all the learning styles.

CursiveLogic is designed to meet every learning style (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic).  The workbook breaks the creation of cursive letters down into just four basic shapes.  Each stroke as their own color (visual) and their own “catch-phrase” (auditory).  When each basic shape is taught, the student first practices several times with their finger (kinesthetic), to build muscle memory.  All three methods work together every time a shape is practiced so that every learning style is touched upon during the learning.

CursiveLogic teaches shapes before teaching letters.

With CursiveLogic, the student progresses through for basic letter shapes.  These four shapes make up the entire lower-case alphabet.  This means that once your student has learned the basic four shapes, they can easily create all 26 letters.  No more beginning with the letter “A” with one letter shape, and then continuing to “B” which as a completely different shape.  Instead, the student can gain crucial confidence by having to learn and remember just four different basic shapes.

Cursive Logic Sample Page

The Art of Cursive Coloring Book

As a reward for finishing the program, The Art of Cursive coloring book is a great addition for keeping the skills in a fun way.  Please note, the coloring book is not to be used to teach cursive, only to reinforce the motions of the CursiveLogic program.  With adult coloring books all the rage right now, I think that this is a fun way to practice without anyone even know that is what you are doing.

The Art of Cursive Logic

 Other Thoughts on CursiveLogic and The Art of Cursive

Zach (age 15)

“CursiveLogic is much better than just learning how to do the letters. I like that there is only four things to learn, which makes it easier.  I also think that the color book is a fun thing to do.”

Chris (Mom)

“I loved the fact that there was a webinar included, so that I could feel confident in teaching this method to my son.  I also really like just how quickly the program works.  Students can easy complete all four beginning lessons in less than a week.  By the end of the first week, my son’s confidence was much higher and it kept him motivated.”

Review Crew

My fellow Review Crew members have also been working hard to provide quality information on CursiveLogic as well.  If you would like more information to see if this program is right for your family, please check out the link below.

If your student has been struggling with learning cursive the old-fashioned way, you may really excited to know that there is another method to learning cursive.  CursiveLogic incorporates all three learning styles into their simple and easy to learn method.  I highly recommend checking them out.  For a limited time, they are offering 20% of of the CursiveLogic Quick Start Pack for our readers, so if you are interested, don’t delay.  Click the link below to learn more about the CursiveLogic program and to check out the discount.

Cursive Logic New Edition March 2018 Discount


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