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Creating A Dorm Made For Studying

Configuring your child’s dorm to make it absolutely perfect is an art. You only have a limited amount of space to work with and your child is sharing it with a perfect stranger.  Obviously there’s a need to compromise and, most crucially of all, you need to make sure it works as both a place to hang out during downtime and yet study like a boss when the deadlines start looming. Of course, you’re probably thinking, “dorms are for playing and the library is for studying.” Living in the campus library isn’t going to get your child that A grade. Your child needs her own space to knuckle down and make the cut. Creating a dorm made for studying is much eashier than you might think.

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Thankfully, these epic tips and tricks will help your child create an A+ dorm for studying so that he can deliver some A+ college work and then drop the mic with a smile.  You will definitely want to pass these tips on to your child as they get ready for move in day.  

  1. It’s All About The Layout

When you arrive on move-in day, have a chit-chat with your new roomie about how to set-up your dorm space. Yes, this will be affected by little things like pre-existing furniture and what you’ve both brought, but don’t neglect your personal preferences. Think about how and where you like studying best. If your desk at home was beneath the window, try and replicate that in your dorm. If, however, you get super-FOMO and will only get distracted by what’s going on outside, you may want your desk to face a wall and pop a motivational poster up or a organizational planner instead.

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  1. Use Your Space Better

In case you hadn’t got the memo yet: college dorms are small. Like really small. But you can almost double that by lofting your beds so they’re off the floor, giving you more floor space to work and hang. It could be a mezzanine with your bed up high or bunk beds and then pop your desks together, or getting those study bunks so that you have a designated area to get down and do good work.

  1. Create The Perfect Atmosphere

When it comes to studying, you want to have somewhere that’s calming and nice and full of flair – nothing too sterile. Get yourself some soothing aroma oils by clicking on the “visit our website” bit here, add some air purifying houseplants to give yourself a clear head, pop up some motivational posters to make you feel encouraged, get a mini-fridge full of fruit and energy boosting water, and create a study playlist that will really keep your concentration levels high.

  1. A Place To Relax Too

Even though you’re trying to make your dorm into the most awesome study den ever, you’re gonna want some epic decorations and little reminders of home to boost your mood (and productivity). After all, a happy dorm equals a happy place to work. That’s why you need to grab yourself some décor tidbits that will make it feel fun as well as productive: posters and artwork, colorful chairs and funky furniture, a television and some speakers – anything that will help you set-up a designated area for hanging out, watching movies, chatting, learning more about each other and all that vital college stuff—when you’re not studying, obviously.

Create A Dorm Made For Studying

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