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Consider This Before Choosing Your Child’s Godparents

Choosing your child’s Godparents is always tricky. It’s a decision often made from a place of not wanting to offend. In-group politics often dictate that, if you choose this person, you need to select that one. And, before you know, you’re picking a whole load of people who aren’t really what you had in mind.

To some extent, this doesn’t matter a great deal. After all, there’s no limit on how many Godparents your child has. In fact, you could say that the more people looking out for them, the better. But, to make your life easier, it’s worth only picking people you know will meet the role to the best of their abilities. And, to make sure you do that, ask yourself the following questions about each person you consider.

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Would that person be a steady influence?
Perhaps the first question worth asking is whether this person would be a steady influence in your child’s life. After all, we’ve all got that Godparent who we’ve only met once, and that’s not what you want for your little one. The sad fact is that friends move away, and people change. There’s every chance those you’re close to now won’t play a huge role in your life down the line. Hence why you need to think about this before taking your pick.

You want to ensure those Godparents are always around. If you pick friends, only select those who have been with you throughout your life. Remember, too, that you’re free to choose family members for the Godparent role. In many ways, that’s the best long-term solution open to you. But, both these options go at least some way to ensuring the people you pick won’t be going anywhere in a hurry.

Perhaps the first question worth asking is whether this person would be a steady influence in your child’s life.

Would they take your place if the time came?

This is a tough question to ask, but it’s one you need to consider. The whole purpose of appointing Godparents is to ensure someone else is looking out for your little one. With a reliable Godparent network in place, you can rest easy that, if anything happens to you, your child will be cared for. While the role is spiritual, the appointment of Godparents is taken into account during guardianship cases. You may even want to take this further by appointing your Godparents as guardians with the help of firms like Mobile Legal Services, PLLC. So, consider seriously whether the person in question would be able to take this role. A young bachelor, for instance, may not fit as well as a family man.

Would they teach good life lessons?

Another leading role of a Godparent is to teach good life lessons. As such, you should select people who can teach your child everything from the importance of being generous to the methods behind long division. To ensure you do that, consider those who have always taught you valuable lessons. If they’ve helped you along the way, you can rest easy they’ll do the same thing for your children.

Consider This Before Choosing Your Child's Godparents

Choosing your child’s Godparents is a difficult decision. You want the best for your child, and you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  Try these tips to make your decision a little bit easier!

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