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Chula Vista the Cure for Spring Fever

Summer will be arriving shortly, right?  Well at least that is what we Midwesterners keep telling ourselves.  We get to March and even into April, and  we start to feel the warmer temps. That is if 40 degrees is warm to you. We start to bring out the shorts with the hope that bathing suits will soon follow.  Some of our die-hards actually never put away the shorts. They simply add a sweatshirt and a jacket.  I guess maybe that makes summer seem year round to them?  I am never really sure about that one.  What I am sure about, is that there is a way to break out the bathing suit and shorts even when the weather outside doesn’t really fit. Take a trip to the Chula Vista in the Wisconsin Dells.

The Chula Vista boasts an 80,000 square foot indoor water park that includes a lazy river, several water slides, a water powered roller coaster, a large hot tub, and three water activity areas.  All of these areas are handicap accessible and there are activities for every age group right down to the littlest of guests.  And the best part is that the Chula Vista goes on sale every spring.  In fact, our group of 10 was able to snag a condo room for only $225 per night just a couple of weeks ago.  All rooms come with wristbands for the water park, and we were also given a $50 voucher towards the onsite restaurants.  Truly, the Chula Vista has something to offer almost any family and almost any budget.  Check out their website today!  Chula Vista Resort


For the Budget Conscience

Chula Vista loves to offer their guests the best deals!  So much so, that they devote an entire section of their website to just that.  Prior to booking, simply click on the “Specials and Packages” link and see what they have to offer.  Very often they have a sale specifically for military families, and currently they are giving away two Noah’s Ark water park passes to those guests staying certain days now until the end of April.

Each room, right down to the very basic rooms, comes with at least a mini-fridge and a microwave, and the villas and condos come with a full kitchen.  We always bring our own food to save a little extra money, even if we are just staying in the standard room.  Water park passes are included for each guest on the reservation as well, and since non-resort guests must pay around $20 for a water park wristband, this is a nice added benefit.

Enjoying our full kitchen accommodations with plenty of yummy food!

If you are willing to sit through a presentation on the Chula Vista’s ownership club called, The Club, they will discount your room to an unbelievably low rate as well as provide you with a $150 voucher to be used on any of the hotel’s amenities.  This offer can only be used once, but may really be worth it for the first time visitor, as you are given a tour of the entire property as well as the voucher to try out what the hotel has to offer.

For the Large Group or Family

We are definitely the family that travels as a pack, so we absolutely love the Chula Vista and visit quite often.  We usually travel with anywhere from 10 – 16 people, and the Chula Vista can comfortably, and if booking at the right time of year, very affordably accommodate groups of this size.  The Condo rooms are really much more like an apartment than a hotel room and come in either two and three bedrooms.   Each has a full kitchen, a very large living area and a nice sized Jacuzzi tub, and since the condos are in the main building, guests can make use of the underground tunnel to the water park area.

One of my favorite features of these rooms is the large living area.  If someone gets tired early, they can retreat to their bedroom, while everyone else can remain in the living area having fun.  At between 1,200 to 1,900 square feet, they are roomy enough where even a large group does not feel on top of each other.

For the Thrill Seeker

We have been to most of the other water park hotels in the Wisconsin Dells, and we keep coming back to the Chula Vista, because in our opinion they have the best indoor water rides.  They are one of the indoor water parks to have a water powered roller coaster.  This is a highlight for my kids, as it is supposed to be the fastest water coaster in the country.  I can tell you from experience that it is really pretty fast!

Blasting off in the water coaster. 3-2-1 Goooo!

Another fan favorite with my family is the “Toilet Bowl” water slide. If you have ever wondered what your long lost goldfish felt like when he was flushed down the toilet, now you can find out!  This ride is mostly in the dark, and may not be for the faint of heart, but for my boys, it is a must do each time we make the trip.

For the One Who Just Wants to Relax

If you are like me, you don’t go to the water park to ride the rides, you go there to relax.  In fact, this is my number one criteria for judging a water park, my ability to forget about life for awhile.  The Chula Vista wins the medal here hands down.  They offer a large lazy river that snakes through the entire park area.  And when you have had enough of floating down the rolling river, you can further relax in one of two hot tubs.  There is a large hot tub in the water park itself, and there is an outdoor version that overlooks the Wisconsin River and at night boasts a really nice view of the stars.

Relaxing in the indoor hot tub.


Floating down the lazy river.

For those that require even more relaxation, the Chula Vista offers a full onsite spa called Spa Del Sol.  They offer massages, facials, manicures, and hot stone treatments.  If you need it to relax, they probably offer it.

For the Littlest Guests

There are three activity pools in the water park area designed with the kid in mind.  The first is for the older child, mainly the teenager, who wants to play water basketball.  The second is for the tween that still likes the waterworks, but also wants water slides and possibly a thrilling splash when the large bucket of water crashes on them.  The third is for the very little.  Everything in this pool is tot sized including the two very beginner water slides.

Chula Vista Water Park

For the Foodie

Chula Vista does not disappoint when it comes to food!  In the water park, they have both a Cabana Bar offering both alcoholic and non-alcoholic treats to help keep you cool, and a snack shack offering all of your fast food standbys.  But, when you are ready to dry off, they also offer several dining options including a Mexican restaurant, an all-you-can-eat breakfast at Kilbourn City Grill, a Pizzeria that will deliver savory pizzas right to your room, and the very famous Kaminski’s Chop House.  Here, you can  experience fine dining in the way that it was meant to be, a savory steak served just the way you like it and a perfect glass of wine.  Kaminski’s won the Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence in 2015, so this is a must do for any true foodie.

Crash Landings. Photo taken from the Chula Vista website.

For the Special Needs Family

Our two daughters have special needs, and our family has food allergies. When we all travel, we must have accommodations that can handle of that with ease.  Again, the Chula Vista has what we need.  Although the water slides are up a flight of stairs, most of the water activities are on the main floor and accessible from a wheelchair.  The lazy river and the hot tub also offer chair lifts, which allowed our daughter,  easy access to these activities.  There are mini-fridges and microwaves in all standard rooms, and the Chula Vista even has full kitchens in some rooms.  This means we are always able to bring our own food.  This simple feature really makes our trips much more enjoyable.

Having fun at the water wars.

For the Ones That Don’t Like the Water

There is always that one person in your party that really doesn’t like to get wet.  That would be me, but even those that love the water need a break once in awhile.  For those times when the water is not where you want to be, there are a lot of dry activities too.  They have a large arcade room complete with tickets and prizes, an activity area, and a few shops.  As I previously mentioned, there are restaurants onsite, as well as the day spa.  The activity area offers crafts and other table activities for a nominal fee. Since it is located in the water park tunnel, it is easy to get to,

Car racing in the arcade


Making a Wisconsin Badger birdhouse in the crafts area.

Chula Vista is located in the Wisconsin Dells. This means they are literally minutes from the downtown Dells area. The downtown offers cute shops and restaurants, the Tanger Outlet Mall, and many eating opportunities. Depending on the season, there are also numerous attractions such as the Ducks, Timbavati Wildlife Park, and the Tommy Bartlett Exploratory.

Has spring fever has cast its spell? Are you are itching to get that bathing suit out of storage ? Then a Chula Vista weekend just may be right for you!  Check out their site to see what they can offer to cure your spring fever.  And if the budget won’t allow a spring fling this year, fear not!  They run discounted rooms again in the fall!

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