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Bust Your Child’s Boredom With Busy Bottles (DIY in minutes)

These days it can definitely be difficult to find things to keep your child busy. My daughter’s school sent her home with quite a few work boxes to keep her busy, but after several weeks at home, she is now very tired of all of them. Her mama is tired of having the contents of the boxes thrown at her too! So, a trip to the dollar store became necessary. Like any desperate mama knows, you let the dollar store tell you what you need, and it told me of all things – baby bottles. Surprising? Maybe. Here is why they work so well!

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More Sturdy Than A Plastic Bottle

Most DIY Busy Bottle activities out on Pinterest use discarded plastic bottles. While this is a great way to reduce our plastic waste, they don’t really last very long as little hands like to repeatedly crumple them. Baby bottles are quite sturdy, as they are made for little hands that may not have good control just yet. They also come in fun colors, shapes and sizes to make your bottles even more fun.

Made For No Choking

Because baby bottles are round littles that love to stick anything in their mouths, all the parts are safe from choking. This is not the case with a repurposed bottle. The caps are very small and can present a choking hazard for children that still have a strong oral fixation. Baby bottles are made with safer plastics that don’t degrade over time..

Dishwasher Safe

Let’s face it! Life is not always a sanitary affair, but the good news is that unlike those disgarded water bottles, baby bottles are dishwasher safe. If your house just had a round of the flu and you are worried about reinfection, simply toss the baby bottle into the dishwasher. You aren’t going to be able to safely do that with the water bottle.

Just The Right Size For Small Hands

Since baby bottles are made for the tiniest hands, they are work well for small children and adults that my not have a solid grip yet. They are much easier to hold than a repurposed water bottle, as they tend to hold their shape. Baby bottles often are shaped better for gripping as well.

Ideas To Make Your Own Busy Bottles

It’s pretty easy to make a busy bottle, and they all have the same concept. The idea is to load the bottle with various things. They are great to build hand-eye coordination, and provide a little reward when the bottle is full and you get to shake it.

To turn a baby bottle into a busy bottle, simply remove the nipple and replace the ring. You now have a busy bottle. Place the cap back on when finished playing and the contents (popsicle sticks, pom poms, etc) can remain in the bottle for storage.

Popsicle Sticks/ Cardboard Straws/ Pipe Cleaners

Baby bottles are perfect receivers for anything straight and somewhat narrow. This will work on the pincher grasp as well has the hand-eye coordination.

Pom Pom Balls/ Marbles/ Jingle Bells

Pom Poms are fun, especially colored ones. Add colored baby bottles and you have a fun sorting game!

String of Beads

My daughter absolutely loves anything dangly, so we added short sections of a plastic beaded necklace. This is a big hit in our house and is a bit more challenging than the popsicle sticks and cardboard straws. They also sound amazing when you get to shake the bottle!

We love to hear from our readers, so if you have any ideas for a creative busy bottle, please let us know in the comments below! Click here for other ideas to keep your child busy.

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