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Building a Business in High School – Let’s Look at Crafting!

Many of us have craft hobbies that we enjoy as nothing more than a leisure activity. But what if you could make money out of your craft? Even those who are still in high school can make a profitable business with crafting. It could be a way to earn money while doing something that you love. Here are just several tips for successfully turning the crafting you love into a business.

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Decide which type of crafts you want to sell

Your chosen craft needs to be something that you are good at. It also needs to be something that you can quickly produce without entirely losing your love for your craft. Most of all, it needs to be something that you think is going to sell. Try to focus on a specific design or concept that you can mass-produce – whether it’s a type of necklace, your own hand-knitted clothing, hand-made toys or your own signature style pottery.

Think about what your peers are going crazy for right now or that item that will fill a need. You could even aim to personalize the crafts based on the needs of individual customers. Everyone loves something personal, don’t they?

Work out the costs

Next, you need to work out how much it will cost you to produce your crafts and how much you plan to sell them for. The aim, of course, is to make a profit, and you may need to find creative ways of cutting costs during the making process. You may decide to invest in tools to help speed up the time it takes you to make each product – factoring in this cost could be important too. On top of this, work out any other costs that running your business may involve including tax, licenses and marketing costs.

Find places to sell your crafts

If you’ve never sold your crafts before, you may want to start by attending a craft fair. These events are great for selling hand-made items and working out the demand of your product. You can also try selling items online. There are sites dedicated to everything from hand-made clothing to hand-crafted ornaments. You may even want to look around for stores in your area that sell handmade items for a small fee.

Understand the legal requirements

When selling crafts as products, there may be certain legal requirements that you have to meet. This could include using materials that aren’t toxic or environmentally-unfriendly, or providing safety information with the product. You’ll find advice on everything from clothing safety rules to soft toy safety regulations online. This could prevent you getting sued and protect your reputation, while ensuring that no harm is caused to anyone else.

Build your crafting business while still in high school and make some money for college!

Start marketing and building a brand

Marketing can help you to attract customers. Two basic ways to market your product could include creating a website and social media pages to help promote your crafts. If you plan to sell your crafts at events, you could also print off some business cards for people to take away. If your craft business gets successful, you could even consider creating a brand. This could include a creative name for your crafts, a logo and packaging. This could be essential if you plan to sell your product via retailers or in a local shop.

Starting a business while in high school can be challenging, but it can also be quite fun and hopefully profitable. If you are already a crafter, building a crafting business may be the best option for you!

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