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Bring Adventure to your Bible Study with Drive Through History (Review)

Do you find yourself calling for family Bible study only to be met with groans, grunts and protests? Well, if your family is anything like mine, it can be challenging to get everyone away from their devices for an hour or so to have Bible study time. If this is your family, there may be a solution. Recently, our family was picked to review the Drive Thru History® “Acts to Revelation” DVD set from Drive Thru History®. Here is what we found…

A Little Bit About Drive Through History

Drive Through History is really what it sounds like, you get to virtually “drive through history” as Dave Stotts takes you to the places where history was made. Each adventure that you go on with Dave includes a series of videos and a complimentary study guide. The videos are humorous, engaging and loaded with lots of great information about the places, people and time periods being covered. There are many adventures to choose from, and quite a lot of the adventures can be used as either a Bible study or a history lesson.

Drive Through History also offers something called, “Adventures.” This is the online version of Drive Through History. You get the best of what Dave and his crew have to offer in one location. The best part, is it is mobile friendly, so you can take school or Bible study on the road if you want. For my full review of Drive Through History Adventures, click the link below.

Bring History To Life With Drive Through History Adventures

A Little Bit About Drive Through History – “Acts to Revelation”

Drive Through History – “Acts to Revelation” covers the people, places and events that occurred in the book of Acts. This set comes in a very original package. When we opened up what looked like an ordinary DVD case, we found a hard cover book with three DVDs inside. I have to admit, that this was a pretty awesome way to organize the set.

The book is actually the full-color study guide that accompanies the DVD series. If you would like to see the set for yourself, you can view our unboxing video in the “What’s Included In The Set” section of this post.

While you can use this with younger kids who might find the pictures and landscapes interesting, it is more suited to kids in middle school and up. The word choices, and some of the artwork may be a bit too much for the younger audience.

My 16 year old daughter who functions on an elementary level loves watching. However, she doesn’t get nearly as much out of it as her brothers. She loves the scenery and getting to see the sites. After each episode, we spend time explaining things to her at her level.

What’s Included In The Set?

How We Used The Product

Each Friday evening, we gather our family for our weekly Bible study that we lovingly call, “Dinner with Dave.” For the last several weeks, our Bible study time has been focused in the book of Acts. We make dinner, get everyone served and around the TV, and begin an episode of Drive Through History – “Acts to Revelation.” We eat while we watch the episode, and after, we read the verses covered in the episode from our family Bible. Then we dive into the discussion questions.

Dave does an amazing job of explaining each historical site and includes the Biblical significance as well as how it has been transformed over time. In each episode, their are pieces of art included to show the people being talked about. These are actual art pieces so that viewers get a bit of the artists’ views of these events as well.

Some of the Highlights

We have been at this six weeks now, which means we have covered six of the episodes and are looking forward to starting disc two at our next study. So far we have covered Pentecost, the martyrdom of Stephen, Paul’s conversion and Paul’s first missionary journey.

My kids were quite surprised to learn that quite a lot of the areas covered in Acts were not actually in modern day Israel. In one of the episodes, Dave is not able to take us to see the sites, as what was once Antioch is now in war torn Syria and not safe. They found it very interesting to learn just where these sites are in modern day.

My favorite part is the discussion after each episode. There are five questions for each episode, so it’s not overwhelming. They are all open-ended questions, which get you thinking. It also helps me tell if my kids were actually paying attention.

Getting to discuss how Paul and Ananias must have felt during the conversion was probably our best discussion so far. The fact that such a prominent adversary to the Christian church would suddenly become the one of the biggest proponents of Christianity is amazing. Dave explained that Saul and his family were Roman citizens, which would have been pretty rare. He provides a lot of great history on Paul/ Saul that we had not already heard.

Paul’s conversion really gives something for those that question the Bible something to wrestle with. It also works to really show how our faith is rooted in something real.

Our Thoughts…

Seth (age 13)

“What I liked about Drive Through History is that the cinematography is always really good. Dave Stotts tells history in a way that makes it fun and also visual. My favorite part of Acts to Revelation is Dave gives not only Biblical references, but also references other historians that say that Luke is historically accurate. I am looking forward to the next series hopefully coming out next year.”

“Dinner with Dave,” as we lovingly call our Bible studies.

Zachary (age 16)

“Dave is funny in the episodes. I like the parts when he talks about the cars that he borrows. He usually makes jokes about the name of the car, and sometimes he cracks jokes about the people in the Bible that he is talking about. I also really like his “Sidetracks.” He took us to the Cafe Anon, which overlooks what was Antioch. We couldn’t actually visit Antioch with Dave as it is now in Syria and unsafe.”

Ruth (age 16)

“I like his car, and watching him walk to all the places from the Bible. Also, I like that he tells me about Jesus.”

Jeff (Dad)

“This series shows a living history of the ancient times. It gives you a glimpse into that time period, and the DVDs are very informative.”

Chris (Mom)

“Nothing makes me happier than kids who are disappointed when we have to skip a Bible study. This actually happens in our house now! My thirteen year old had his tonsils out, and made the decision to skip that week’s Bible study. Nope. My kids wouldn’t have it, and instead we rescheduled. That’s how fun and teenager-friendly the episodes really are.”

Review Crew Thoughts…

You don’t have to take our word for it though. Other families on the Review Crew have also been working hard to bring you a great review. To check them out, simply click the link below. I highly recommend that you do!

Drive Thru History®
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