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Book Review of God’s Mail Volume 3

Do you ever find yourself needing a bit of encouragement in your walk with God? Of course, right? We all do. That is why I was happy to be picked to review God’s Mail Volume 3 by author Ron Hardin. God’s Mail is a three book series, and I had the chance to read the third volume. Here is what I found..

A Little Bit About the God’s Mail Series

Ron Hardin has written three books so far as part of the God’s Mail series. Each book is a collection of poems with the purpose of encouraging followers in their walk with God, as well as introducing unbelievers to God’s heart. Each poem is paired with a group of scriptures that support the overall theme of the poem.

A Little Bit About God’s Mail Volume 3

God’s Mail Volume 3 deals with topics that most of us can relate to. Maybe we have or are dealing with the subject, or we know someone that is. These poems deal with real subjects that can be difficult to talk about, but when written in a poem, don’t feel quite as heavy. Paired with scriptures, the poems become somewhat of a devotional that can be used to enhance prayer and meditation.

The book comes in both print and digital. I have the Kindle copy, which is perfect for me. I spend quite a lot of time in clinic and hospital waiting rooms. Lugging around hardcopy books is not at all convienient. That is why I love having my library right in my phone. This also makes it much easier to have conversations with people that might be looking for the encouragement that one of the poems can provide. The book is always with me.

How I Used This Product

Each day, I would read a new poem. I didn’t really put an order to what I was reading. Rather, I picked a poem that spoke to me in the moment, or one that looked interesting. Having the included scriptures was a nice touch, as I not only had Ron Hardin’s perspective on the topic. I had God’s thoughts as well.

While I wasn’t a fan of the rhyming scheme for some of the poems, each poem provides truths that I spent time meditating on. For a few of the poems with very serious subject matters, the rhyming came off a little bit insincere. I would recommend using a poetry style that drops the rhyming for the more heavy subject matters.

Overall, this book is a nice addition to any Christian home. It provides encouragement and a safe place to explore deep human emotion. This would make a great gift for a friend or family member, or even gift to yourself. Because it is a book of poetry, it may be a litte less intimidating for the unbeliever or new believer in your life.

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