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Are Your Children A Distraction, Or Are They The Reason You Write?

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Many special needs parents choose to work from home so that they can not only provide an income for their families, but also take care of their children. One of the most popular ways to make an income from home is blogging. However, it can be quiet challenging to find time to write fresh content when also taking care of you family.

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The debate around children and writing has raged for decades. Doris Lessing never strayed from the idea that you can’t write well with kids around, while authors like Zadie Smith argue that it’s entirely doable with discipline. But, in all these opinions, one seems to be sorely lacking – the idea that youngsters can help rather than hinder the writing process.

As Smith states, routine and the right approach are, obviously, key to success here. However you look at it, you likely will need to work hard to feel the creative benefits children can bring. Once you get past the idea that they’re a writing block waiting to happen, though, you can start to turn things around with the following pointers in mind. 

Children are the best inspiration

The power of creativity is never more evident than when there are kids around. Not only do our kids inspire us to be our best, but they can also tell stories like no one else. That skill is sure to catch at least a little if you spend plenty of time with your young ones. Something as simple as a child-led back and forth story could even be behind your next best seller. It worked for J.M. Barrie, after all, and it could definitely work for you!

Are Your Children A Distraction, Or Are They The Reason You Write?

This is a chance to finally create that sacred writing space

Many of us never quite manage a sacred writing space. Instead, we jot things down at the kitchen table or even in bed. With kids in the house, though, this haphazard approach is asking for distractions. As such, children provide the ideal incentive to create a sacred space for writing at last. This could be as simple as a lockable room, or you might want to go all out with a writing shed fit for Philip Pullman! Do note that, with the latter, you’ll need to consider technicalities like cost and what to know about building permits before going ahead. Even so, a few weeks of work could see you with an outside writing space you probably never would have created if it weren’t for your bustling family!

You’ll learn to be flexible at last

Writing routines are useful, but they can also prove problematic. You may ignore the muse when she comes at the wrong time, for instance, or skip writing sessions if you’re late. By comparison, flexibility ensures you’re able to write any time you can. And, this approach is inevitable where kids are concerned. You’ll have no choice but to get to it when they sleep or head out to school, and even when they’re distracted for a few minutes. As simple as that, you could unlock a more accessible writing habit at last. 

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No one’s saying that writing with young kids is easy. In fact, few things will test your determination more. But, by looking at children as a writing blessing rather than a curse, you might just find that your creative processes improve, rather than suffering from this major life change.

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