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Adapt: The Moto of a Special Needs Homeschool (Blogging Through the Alphabet)

Do you have any go-to words?  These would be words that you bring out when times get tough.  I have quiet a few, but for the last several weeks my word has been “Adapt.”  We are in a season of life where “Adapt” has become our moto.  The only constant in our life seems to be change, and as long as we remember to adapt, we typically come out the other side just fine.

When You Have Winter Woes – Adapt

We are heavy into winter in Wisconsin, and like much of the United States this means lots and lots of snow.  Snow is not my friend despite the fact that I have lived in Wisconsin for most of my life.  Winter makes our on-the-go-homeschool even more complicated.  So here is how we use the word “Adapt” to help…

Changing up schedules

Nothing throws a wrench in perfectly organized schedule like a huge snow storm.  Unfortunately, the Midwest seems to get them every three days or so, which means our schedule is ruined on a very regular basis.  Luckily, we are pros at adaptation. 

We have learned to have a back up plan for when things have to change.  For example, when we have to cancel occupation therapy at the clinic, we have an Adaptive PE corner in our living room we can use.  We have built a library in our study room for days when the public library is just not an option.  Always having a Plan B makes adapting so much easier.

Libraries and Children’s Museums

In a pinch, libraries and children’s museums make great places of learning. One of my sons goes to high school at a brick-and-mortar school about a half hour away from our house. Since there is no bus going that far out of the way, I end up driving him to and from school each day. Normally this is not an issue, but throw in a snowy day and things can get very interesting.

I really don’t want to drive home simply to turn around a few hours later to go get him. This means we stay in town on those days with the problem of what on Earth will we do. Our go to activities happen to be the library and the Children’s Museum. It seems that we are not alone in this, and I am sure you also know about these great places. Some of the other places we have visited during snow days are the planetarium, the movie theater, and other local museums. Field trips are learning, right? They are maybe the best learning in my book.

When You Have The Doctor’s Waiting Room Blues – Adapt

We are frequent flyers when it comes to a doctor’s waiting room.  In fact, we have what we lovingly call “Marathon Days” at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.  This is where we get up at the crack of dawn, drive the hour and a half to the Damon Parking ramp at Mayo Clinic, and begin our day of 22 plus appointments for the day.   Since I have four medically complex individuals in my family, grouping appointments on one insanely busy day just makes so much more sense than travelling to Mayo more often. 

Finding unique places to do school

Rather than lose a whole day of school, we tend to do school on the road.  This means bringing along some travel desks, getting a bit creative, and adapting our day.  We found Heirloom Audio, which has CD audio adventures that turn our van into a classroom.  On our way to Rochester, we pop in a CD and transport ourselves into another time in history.  

Below you can see some of our favorite audio adventures.

Wulf the Saxxon

St. Bartholomew’s Eve

For the Temple

If you are really adapting your homeschool to fit your day, you can find all sorts of learning activities.  We have been to several museums on Mayo Clinic property. Each one is very interactive and engaging. There is even one that allows kids to be hands on with anatomy models to see how the human body works.  I doubt I could find a field trip this great around home, and so we make sure to visit one of the museums each time we go.

The one nice thing about waiting rooms is that they generally all have tables and chairs, some even have computers, and they are all typically quiet.  They really are great places to study.  We bring learning games for our daughter, and our sons bring their laptops.  When you are not the one in the doctor’s office, you are to be in the waiting room studying.  It works, because we adapt it to work.

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