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About Christine…

Christine is a special needs homeschool mom, and she loves helping families succeed. She especially loves helping those families that don’t fit the traditional mold!  Christine has seven (yes, seven) wonderful children ranging in age from adults down to elementary school age, and most have special needs.

Christine is a mom who is always on the go, and believes that learning should be hands-on and fun!  Maybe you can relate.  She also loves to travel with her family! She knows the value of building lasting memories, and is continually working to build those memories at home and on the go.

Christine would love for you to join her family and share ideas on special needs homeschooling, travel, parenting, saving money and much more.  She knows what it is like to be where you are, and she would love nothing more than to help your family too!

Here is Christine’s Family!

As you can see from the photos, she and her family love to travel!  There is so much learning that happens when you leave the house, and Christine is a firm believer in giving her children all the experiences they can have while they are young.  This seems to have stuck even now as some of her children are adults.  All three love to travel and have new experiences.

This is Jeff, My Husband

The love of my life.  We have been married for 17 years, and he puts up with me well!

Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom
Jeff and Chris at Walt Disney World.


My Oldest and His Wife – M and E

They live in Los Angeles, which means I don’t get to see them as often as I like.  She is working on her photography career, and he just finished Icon Collective Music School and is pursuing a career in music.

Meet My Son – J

J lives in a town close by, which is nice.  He is doing what he loves, cooking.  Though  he hopes one day to go to culinary school and open his own really awesome restaurant.

This is My Son – A

A is loving his job as a mechanic.  He gets to restore old cars, which he loves.  He also loves photography and takes pictures of the cars he works on and nature.

My Son – Z

Z is a sophmore in high school this year.  He is schooled at home, which works very well for him.  He is active with Boy Scouts and church youth group.

Meet My Daughter – R

R is one of our Ukrainian princesses.  She attends the local High School and is a freshman.  R has had some pretty extensive surgeries in the last year, so she schools at home during her long recoveries.  We also supplement her education on weekends and school breaks, as she did not have the luxury of education in her past life.  She loves going to church and having fun in her youth group.

This is My Son – S

S is in seventh grade this year, and also is schooled at home.  He loves technology and is active in Boy Scouts and church youth group.

Meet Our Youngest – G

G is our youngest, and our little peanut.  She is also our other Ukrainian princess.  G attends school part-time at the local elementary school and does school at home with mom too!  She loves the outdoors, swimming, and eating.  She is our happy girl that is only unhappy when you don’t feed her on time!

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Check out our last trip to Walt Disney World Resort!  One of our happy places!

Christine can help with questions pertaining to…

  • Making travel to appointments easier
  • Special Needs Home School tips
  • Accessible getaways to nearby destinations
  • Accessible Orlando Vacations including Walt Disney World Resort, Sea World, and Universal Studios
  • Special Needs tips
  • Behavioral management strategies
  • Money saving strategies
  • Much, much more…

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