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About Christine…

Christine is a special needs homeschool mom, and she loves helping families succeed. She especially loves helping those families that don’t fit the traditional mold!  Christine has seven (yes, seven) wonderful children ranging in age from adults down to elementary school age, and most have special needs.

Christine is a mom who is always on the go, and believes that learning should be hands-on and fun!  Maybe you can relate.  She also loves to travel with her family! She knows the value of building lasting memories, and is continually working to build those memories at home and on the go.

Christine would love for you to join her family and share ideas on special needs homeschooling, travel, parenting, saving money and much more.  She knows what it is like to be where you are, and she would love nothing more than to help your family.

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Christine A Howard
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Special Needs Homeschool Mom
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