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A Special Needs Homeschool Review of GrammarPlanet

Did you know that 5-10% of the population lives with dyslexia?  My son and my husband are among this number, and this makes grammar and spelling quite difficult for them.  As I help to further my son along in his language arts journey, I am always on the look-out for new things that may help him.  I was really excited to get the opportunity to review GrammarPlanet, an online program designed to teach grammar to students with all levels of grammar knowledge.  Here is what we found…

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A Little Bit About GrammarPlanet

GrammarPlanet is an online curriculum designed for ages 10 – 99 (per their site) and teaches punctuation, usage and grammar.  The program is broken up into units with 13 units in all.  These units build upon each other with students being required to retain the earlier concepts as they learn the new concepts.  Each unit has a video tutorial the covers the new material and a small informational packet that can be printed.  The packets have nice word lists to help the students easily memorize and label the common word usages.

A Little Bit About How We Used GrammarPlanet

My son worked approximately 30 minutes per day.  He would begin with the video tutorial and then read the notes packets.  Once he seemed to understand what he was to be doing, he would then progress through the online practice.  As I mentioned before, grammar is really pretty difficult for him, and even with all of the extras that come with GrammarPlanet, he still struggled quite a bit.

notes grammarplanet

The parent portal allowed me to reset any lessons where he did not so well, and we did this fairly often for him.  He didn’t seem to get frustrated having to go back and redo the lessons.  He sort of liked the idea that he could have a redo.  The program is set up so that he could not go forward until I unlocked it, which prevented him from moving on before he fully understood the concepts.  We have been progressing slowly, and I can say that I have seen some improvement with his writing and grammar.

screen print grammarplanet
In the above screen print, you can see that the student is able to click on a word and then choose which part of speech it belongs. The student may also access both the notes and the video from this screen if needed.

Because each section has both the new concepts along with everything the student has practiced up to that point, it can be a little overwhelming.  It might have been nice to see practice that just had the new concepts, and then test the students on everything once they have mastered each individual concept.  This may not be necessary for kiddos without learning disabilities though.

Our Thoughts…

Zach (age 16)

“I had to repeat lessons a lot, but I liked the videos.  It was confusing when there were lots of things I had to do all at once.  I liked that you can redo the lessons.”

Chris (mom)

“I liked that this seems very comprehensive, and works in many ways to help students (video, notes, online, etc).  I wish there was more practice with the current concepts before mixing the concepts together.”

Review Crew Thoughts…

You don’t have to take our word for it though.  Other families from the Review Crew have been working hard to bring you a great review too!  To see these reviews, simply click the link below.

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A Special Needs Homeschool Review of GrammarPlanet
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