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A Special Needs Homeschool Review of ASD Reading

More and more special needs families are choosing to homeschool their children.  It used to be that there really were no good options for special needs students to school at home.  Enter the digital age and we now have more options for our children.  One of the best reading programs I have seen is ASD Reading.  This program is perfectly designed for students that struggle with phonics, like my daughter.  We were recently picked to review the ASD Reading program, and here is what we found…

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ASD Reading

What is ASD Reading?

ASD Reading is an internet-based reading program developed for students with Autism and other disabilities that may have difficulty with a typical reading program.  Since this is not based in phonics, like other programs, it can work for students with speech delays or even non-verbal children.

The program begins with an assessment to determine where your child should start.  Once your child begins, you will want to watch how they perform for at least the first lesson.  The queues and prompts were set too fast for my daughter at first.  This was an easy adjustment from the parent screen, and after that, my daughter was pretty independent with the lessons.

One of the best reading programs I have seen is ASD Reading. This program is perfectly designed for students that struggle with phonics, like my daughter.

Your child will be excited to know that the lessons are game-based, so it does not really feel like your student is actually learning.  There are games where the student is asked to “pop” the letter on the screen by typing it on the keyboard.  This is my daughter’s favorite.  Once the bubble is popped, a little fish will swim away.  This keeps her motivated.

Although it may seem like your child is just playing games, trust me, the program is watching your child’s progress.  If the student does not meet the criteria for that lesson, they are asked to repeat it until they have it mastered.  I find that my daughter wants to continue the fun even once she has completed her lessons for the day.  This is not recommended to allow time for the new concepts to be solidified.

Help your child be a successful reader with ASD Reading!

How We Are Using ASD Reading

The reason we were attracted to this reading program in the first place, was because my daughter has cerebral palsy with a very distinct speech impairment.  Phonics programs simply frustrate her, because she cannot sound out the words.  This program works with all the letters in the word so that students can begin to see the subtle differences between words.

We are using this as her main reading program currently.  I love the independence this gives her, and the immediate feedback motivates her to continue.  She works approximately one hour and completes two lessons.  She knows when she is done for the day, because the program tells her.

ASD Reading
My daughter ended up having a surgery that turned into something more major than we expected shortly after starting the program.  I can say that it is extremely important to have your student working at least 3-4 days per week consistently.  We were unable to do this for the first few weeks, and it was more difficult.  Now that we are on track with 4-5 days per week, our daughter is doing really quite well.

How Does The Program Work?

The program begins with an assessment.  Do not skip this, even though it allows you to.  This is very important, so that you start your student at the right level in the program.  Once the program has determined what level your child is currently at, you can have them try their first lesson.  Each lesson is set up with the same format and the same types of games.  This repetition has helped my daughter feel more successful as she knows what is coming.

In the video below, you can see one of her most favorite learning games.

Below, you can see a video of my daughter reading a book within the program using the words she has been learning in her lessons.  Considering that English is not her native language and she has only been working with this program for a few weeks, I think she does exceptionally well.  She was not reading at all prior to ASD Reading.

Our Thoughts…

Ruth (age 15)

“The reading is good.  I like the pop the bubbles.  Fish comes out and swims away!”

Chris (Mom)

“I love how interactive this program is.  It really takes a person who has zero reading skills and provides them the foundations to begin reading.  My daughter spends so much time with each word in a book, that by the time she gets to reading those words, she really knows them.”

Review Crew Thoughts…

You don’t have to take our word for it though.  Other review crew families have been working hard to review the ASD Reading program as well as the Reading Kingdom program.  Reading Kingdom is an online program for neurotypical children.  This program is for children ages 4-10 years old.  I highly recommend that you check out the reviews for both of these great reading programs.  To do so, simply click the link below.

Learn to Read with Reading Kingdom OR ASD Reading {Reviews}
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