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A Product Review of Victus Study Skills System

Sometimes the best thing you can teach your child is the ability to learn effectively. I find that quite often, my kids struggle not because the material is too difficult, but because they don’t know how to process the information properly. When we were given the opportunity to review the
Victus Study Skills System I was very excited. We were able to review the Level 3. I was really hoping that this would help my son become a better learner. Here is what we found…

A Little Bit About Victus Study Skills System

Victus Study Skills System is a program designed to help students learn about themselves as a learner and gain study skills to help them be successful. There is a program for every learner at every stage. The products include:

  • Level 1: Primary – (Kindergarten to Mid-Elementary)
    • Comes with the following:
      • Teacher Supplement
      • Student Workbook – Primary Grades
  • Level 2: Elementary – (Mid to Upper Elementary)
    • Comes with the following:
      • Teacher Supplement
      • Student Workbook – Elementary
  • Level 3 – (Middle/ High School)
    • Comes with the following:
      • Teacher Edition
      • Student Workbook
  • Level 4 (10/11-College)
    • Comes with the following:
      • College Student Workbook
  • Other Products They Have Available
    • Student Planner

All of the products compliment each other in the fact that they follow the same steps and cover the same material. The only real difference is that the higher the grade level, the deeper into the material it goes. Because of this, it would be good for a student to review the material at each level, as they are more capable of diving in farther.

How the system is set up

There are three major questions that students are asked to get them thinking and planning. In each section, the student is challenged to look at his or her own self and either answer the question or come up with a plan. The sections are:

  • Where Am I Now?
  • Where Do I Want To Be?
  • How Do I Get There?

In the “Where am I now?” section, the focus is on a lot of self-awareness activities. This section seeks to answer questions like what, “What kind of learner am I?” It provides a window into the student and how they operate.

The second section, “Where do I want to be?,” focuses on topics like organization and goal setting. Students are encouraged to make short and long term learning goals and to pay attention to how they schedule their time. We found that my son sort of got stuck here. You will find that the questions and activities in this section really make you think.

In the final and largest section, “How do I get there?,” your student will be shown strategies for how to effectively study and gain understanding of what he learns. This is really the meat and bones of the system. Your student is exposed to some different note-taking techniques, how to listen effectively, test taking strategies, and how to effectively organize her materials.

The Pros

Victus Study Skills System really gets students thinking. Because they present questions that need an answer, students really have to think about how they study and who they are as a learner. The system guides the student with activities and questions that help them answer the three essential questions.

My son had a real eye-opener when he tracked his day. I repeatedly tell him he is off task, but after having to write this down, he could see this for himself. He is now on the look-out for times that he has gotten off task all on his own. That right there is a mama-win for sure.

Things That Could Have Been Improved

The Victus Study Skills System is heavily focused on classroom learning and the traditional brick-and-mortar school setting. Quite a bit of the activities are best done in a group setting. This was difficult for us, since it was just myself and my son going through the materials. The course is designed to be lecture-based with a lot of the student interaction involves filling in the blanks of the workbook as the teacher lectures. Since this is not how we set up our homeschool, it did bring up some challenges.

How We Used This Product

The program is set up to complete five hour long lessons over the course of a week. This did not work well for us, so we covered the materials for about 30 minutes 2-3 times per week.

I am not a lecturer, and with only one student, lectures are tough to do anyway. So, he and I would sit down with the Teacher Edition and the Student Workbook and cover the material. He would do the activities that he could do on his own, and then we would discuss things. Through this system, he has really has gotten a good grasp on his learning style and how he can best be organized. He is still working on his note-taking and test-taking skills.

Since we don’t really have lectures in our homeschool, I had him practice note-taking with some of the learning videos we use. He also realized that the PDCA method is something he already does when he completes a STEM project. He never thought about using it for other areas of learning before using the Victus Study Skills System.

Once I complete the last of the program with my son, I do plan on completing this with my daughter. I was not sure which system would be best for her, as she is of high school age, but still working on Kindergarten materials. I plan on using the primary level with her, as the workbook is very short and simple. The workbook looks more like a pamphlet with a very high-level view of what my son went through. While it still covers the same essential questions, each one is a page to a few pages in length. It is just enough to get the student thinking in the right direction.

Our Thoughts…

Seth (age 13)

“I think it was a little bit more classroom oriented, but I still think that homeschool families could get something out of it. What I did like was the part that talked about note-taking and preparing for a test. I think these parts would be useful for any student. Overall it is a good product and gets you thinking about how to study better.”

Chris (Mom)

“The Victus Study Skills System does a great job of getting learners to really look at how they best learn and how they can improve. I would really love to see this program revamped for homeschool students, as homeschool is really a different animal from traditional brick-and-mortar learning.”

Review Crew Thoughts…

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