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A Homeschool Review of The Scavengers – eGuide by Progeny Press

Do your kids love all things adventure and sci-fi?  Well I just may have the perfect book for them to read, called The Scavengers, by Michael Perry.  If you are like me, you love when there is a way to make what your kids are currently into educational.  We were recently asked to review The Scavengers – eGuide by Progeny Press.  This made it possible to take a book that interests my son and make it educational.  I love it when that happens, because I don’t have to work as hard to keep him engaged.  Here is what we found in our review…

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Progeny Press

A Little Bit About Progeny Press

Michael and Rebecca Gilleland created Progeny Press to help teach children language skills while teaching them to love literature.  Progeny Press is a faith-based company, so your child will also learn Christian principles as well.  Each story is presented in a way that will teach your child literature skills and also help them have a deeper understanding of Christianity.

We were able to review one of the eGuides available at Progeny Press.  There are numerous eGuides to choose from spanning from early elementary all the way to high school.  As I mentioned, we were able to review The Scavengers – eGuide, and found it to be fun and educational.

If you are interested in learning more about Progeny Press and all that they have to offer, check out the links below:


Scavengers eGuide

A Little Bit About The Scavengers – eGuide

The Scavengers – eGuide is just as it sounds.  It is a digital guide that compliments Michael Perry’s, The Scavengers.  Although this a digital product, you can download and print it if  you prefer a hard copy.  The guide is very comprehensive and walks the reader through the book with questions, activities and learning concepts that compliment every few chapters.

A Little Bit About How We Used The Guide

We started by having my son read The Scavengers all the way through prior to going through the guide.  This is typically how I teach my children how to review books.  We read through them without stopping first and then go chapter by chapter for understanding.  I highly recommend that you do not do that for this eGuide, as the questions and activities build as you go.  If you know what is coming, it may take away from some of the discussions and questions.

scavengers eguide by progeny press

This guide is well-rounded and covers all of the major literature skills such as alliteration, foreshadowing, vocabulary building, etc.  I was pleased to see that they also provided activity ideas.  These really worked to bring the story to life for my son.  At the request of the eGuide he checked out additional books so that he could learn about edible plants in our own backyard.  He was really surprised just how many plants are actually edible, and how God really has provided all that we need to survive on the Earth.

Our Thoughts…

Seth (age 12)

“What I really like about the Scavengers E-Guide was that it helped me remember the story better.  Another thing that I liked was that it had separate activities to go along that complimented the story.  I got learn some science because of those activities too.  Also, I liked that it helped me practice my language skills and increased my vocabulary.”

Chris (Mom)

“This guide is very helpful, as it is very comprehensive.  There is a lot you can do with this guide and the concepts even tough other areas of learning.  It is well organized and easy to follow.”

Review Crew Thoughts…

You don’t have to take our word for it though.  There are lots of other Review Crew families who have also been working to bring you a great review.  In fact many of the other families are reviewing other E-Guides, so if The Scavengers does not interest your family, you may find one of the other titles fits your needs.  To check out the other great reviews, click the link provided below.

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Dive into a great book with The Scavengers - eGuide by Progeny Press!


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