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A Homeschool Review of Multimedia Digital Books by Weigl Publishers

Do you remember weekly readers?  I used to love them as a child.  They provided a much needed break from my usual learning, and I loved the colorful pictures and fun activities inside each one.  Well, I have truly missed those now that we school at home.  That is until our family was picked to review the Multimedia Digital Books from Weigl Publishers.  These books have the feel of the weekly reader, but are interactive and filled with lots of engaging online materials to compliment the stories within.  Over the last several weeks our family has been interacting with three of the digital books from Weigl Publishers:  Glaciers, A Lion’s World, and There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant.   Here is what we found.

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Weigl Publishers

A Little Bit of Background

Weigl Publishers literally has hundreds of book titles to choose from spanning all of the various curriculum areas.  Each one is digital and would appeal to students learning in our modern age of computers.  These are PDF downloadable files that you can have on any digital device.  Each PDF book contains a code to unlock the world of digital interactive materials that compliments the book.  Though not all of the books are designed for all ages, you will find many titles available that cover lots of different age groups.

screen print glaciers Weigl publisher

Because these books can be completed in a short (an hour or less) amount of time, they provide a wonderful addition to your standard curriculum.  Is your child learning about the African Savannah?  Give them A Lion’s World to break up their day and provide them with more information about lions.  Is your child learning story sequencing?  There Once Was A Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant would be a great way to reinforce order in a story.

A Little About Each Book

There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant

There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant
Though I did mention that these books have the feel of the weekly reader, that is not true for all of them.  This book is simply a fictional book and is recommended for ages K-2.  You can choose to read the book yourself, or you can have it read to you.  My daughter is 15, yet she is reading at the Kindergarten level, so this book was still perfect for her.  She loved this humorous story about all of the silly things that the cowpoke decides to swallow to cure his tummy ache.

A Lion’s World belonging to the “EyeDiscover” series

A Lions World
A Lion’s World is a non-fiction book that does have the weekly reader feel.  It covers many facts about lions (as you probably guessed).  Your child will get to hear a lion roar, discover some interesting lion facts, and see some videos about lions.  This book would work best for children in grades K-2.

Glaciers from the series “Earth’s Water”

Glaciers Earths Water
If you have older children (grades 3-6) you may want to check out the Glaciers book, especially if you are studying anything to do with water, weather, environmental science or features of the Earth.  This book also has the weekly reader feel to it, but it also more grown up to appeal to the older student.  My son loved the videos as well as the Google Earth views of the worlds glaciers.  He learned that there are actually many different kinds of glaciers and they each grow and move at a different rate.  This was something that I have to admit that I was not aware either.

Video Tutorial

Weigl Publishers Media Enhanced Books

Our Thoughts…

Seth (age 12)

“The books are very informational and I like the photos and the videos of the glaciers.  I also like the diagrams of the different types of glaciers and the timelines.”

Ruth (age 15)

“I like the cowpoke book, it is funny.”

Chris (Mom)

“These books would be a great addition to anything your students happen to be learning about.  For my daughter, these digital storybooks are great, as they have the read-to-me feature.  I love that these are interactive.”

Review Crew Thoughts…

You do not need to take our word for it though.  Other Review Crew families have been working hard to bring you great reviews as well.  To check them out, simply click the link below.

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