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A Homeschool Mom’s Review of Math Refresher for Adults by Math Essentials

As some of you may already know, our family loves Disney.  We recently got the chance to see the Incredibles 2 movie.  I absolutely love the scene where Mr. Incredible is trying to help his son with math, and he is completely and hopelessly frustrated.  Of course all the parents in the room were roaring, because we have all been in that exact situation.  No parent wants to look ignorant in front of their child, right?  But let’s face it.  When is the last time you used the Pythagorean Theorem to balance your checkbook?  Ah, never!  I recently had the opportunity to review the Math Refresher for Adults by Math Essentials.  I have to say there will not be as many frustrating nights trying to help my kiddos with their math schoolwork.  Here is what we found…

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Math Essentials

What is Math Refresher for Adults

A first I thought that this was a stand-alone workbook to help adults practice math concepts that they had long forgotten.  I was wrong.  While there is a workbook, there are also online video tutorials that will walk you through each concept.  This was amazing to me, because I am not going to lie.  I looked at page one of pre-algebra and cried a little inside.  The first page was talking about “sets,” and my eyes glazed over just a bit.  Words that I have not heard of in probably 20 plus years started being thrown at me.  I was ready to throw the book out and give up.

math practice with math refresher for adults

Then I realized that there were video tutorials, and things improved greatly.  While I could not find tutorials specifically for this book title.  I was able to find tutorials that went with comparable books, and these were very helpful.  The author, Richard W. Fisher, does a wonderful job of breaking down each concept so that it is much easier to understand.  If you choose to purchase this book, I highly recommend that you view the tutorials as well.  I personally would have been lost without them.

The book is nicely organized, with the earlier concepts first, progressing to more difficult concepts.  Each new skill has some helpful hints to refresh your memory.  There there are a list of practice questions and equations, so you can feel comfortable that you have mastered the skill.  There is an answer key as well.

How We Used Math Refresher for Adults

I have a middle school student who will be taking pre-algebra in the fall as well as a high school student in regular algebra.  Since I typically don’t run across these types of problems in my everyday, I really needed a refresher.  Words like finite sets, variables, and coordinate planes had long been forgotten from my mind.  So, in good example to my children, I began working through this math refresher.  Let me tell you; they were quite amused at mom being the student.  They won’t be laughing this fall when I show them who the math master is.  Bwa Ha Ha.

Math Refresher for Adults
I skipped the basic math concepts, as I already have a good grasp on those.  Instead, I started with pre-algebra.  I tried to complete two lessons per week.  With reviewing the videos (each 10-15 minutes long) and completing the workbook page(s), it took right around 30 minutes per lesson.  I am proud to say that I currently feel very comfortable with sets and integers.  For some reason I really struggled with the positive and negative numbers.  I was used to doing this with balancing checkbooks and such, but this seemed quite a bit different.  It was very nice to have the videos to provide the visual, and Mr. Fisher does a great job of relating the math concepts to the real world.  I think as adults we need to be able to relate math to concrete things in our everyday.

Our Thoughts

Chris (mom)

“I was fairly nervous in the beginning, and I think that if the video tutorials had not been a thing, I would have really struggled.  Adding the videos was a very nice touch.  You don’t always get that with a workbook.”

Review Crew Thoughts

You don’t have to take my word for it though.  There are other moms and dads on the Review Crew who have also been working to bring you a great review.  I highly recommend checking them out.  You can do that by clicking the link below.

Math Refresher for Adults {Math Essentials}

A Homeschool Mom's Review of Math Refresher for Adults by Math Essentials

If you are facing the fact that your student has surpassed you in math skills, don’t fret!  There is a solution.  Let Math Refresher for Adults by Math Essentials teach you the math concepts that your kids need you to know.

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