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A Bit Of Kidfit: Get Your Children To Exercise

We try hard to instill healthy habits into our kids.  This is especially true when we see how the more kids don’t exercise, or even eat well, more unhealthy they become. The best thing we can do as parents is to lead by example. Exercising with our children can be a very difficult thing to get off the ground.  This can be difficult if you are slow to exercising yourself.  However the health benefits speak for themselves, right?  Here are some great ideas to get your children to exercise more often.  

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Start Out Slow

Like with any exercise routine, if you push it too much to begin with, you won’t feel enthused to go back to it again. In fact, it’s a surefire way to put your kids off exercise for life. The best way is to begin slowly.  For example, try going for a short walk, and then increasing the distance over time. Walking is one of those underrated exercises.  However, it gets the heart going, and gives you a bit of light cardio.

Once you’ve gotten a walking routine, you can begin to stretch your abilities some. If you’ve been spending time with your children going for walks, the next logical step is to go out on bikes together. Be sure to choose safe areas such as bike trails.  If you have a lot of roads around your house you need to be a little more cautious. Make sure your wear proper gear when you ride, as many bicycle accidents happen everyday. Getting out in nature and exercising is a double whammy of goodness, but be sure to take it slow, bit by bit.

Make It Fun

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what you do to get the heart pumping, so you could sneak exercise into almost any activity. When kids are very young, they like to play and run around, but as they get older, they seem to shun this in favor of sitting in front of the television. Find ways to make exercise fun, either by kicking a ball about, or encouraging competition between siblings. Remember, the goal of exercise is to get the heart pumping, so do this by any means necessary.

Create A Common Goal

If you’ve been successful and made workouts fun for the whole family, you can take it to the next level, and consider entering the family into a marathon, or a family-themed exercise day. Or, if you’ve got competitive kids, setting up your own little competition could be a simple way to keep them focused, and to get better at their chosen exercises. You could compete with your kids, and there’s nothing more motivating for kids than to beat their parents at something. Keep this at the back of your mind, because exercise is all about pushing it a little bit more every time.

Exercising with your kids can be one of those great family activities, but you’ve got an uphill battle if you have older kids who like to stay at home in front of their games consoles. This is why you’ve got to be sneaky with how are you approach the notion of exercise. And once you’ve got this nailed, you can then progress to other healthier aspects of life, such as eating well. It can’t take a long time to get right, but it’s essential that you help them to develop a baseline level of fitness, especially if you are particularly sedentary yourself! Hopefully these ideas will get your children to exercise more often.

A Bit Of Kidfit: Get Your Children To Exercise


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