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6 Signs Your Baby Is Happy

Nobody knows your baby better than you. They lived inside of you for 9 months. You gave birth to them. You know how to soothe them, and you know the difference between the various cries that they let out throughout the day. You know when they want to be fed, when they want to sleep, and when they are just bored or uncomfortable. But do you really know if your baby is happy? You’d hope so, but below you’ll find 6 signs your baby is happy!

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  1. You’re Changing Their Diapers Up To 8-10 Times A Day

If your baby’s digestive system is out of whack, then they’ll likely be grizzly and full of sorrow. If everything is moving along nicely, then everything else will likely be great, too. If your baby is frequently wetting their diaper and going number two regularly, they are making the most of the nutrients they get during feeding time. This means you’ll be changing them more often, is a wonderful sign.


It can vary from baby to baby, but providing they are wetting their diapers on a regular basis, you can usually rest easy.


  1. Your Baby Settles When You Are Holding Them

When your baby stays pretty much still in your arms, it’s a sure sign that they are happy. If they arch their back and wriggle around a lot, it could be a sign that something is troubling them. Take note of whether your baby totally relaxes in your arms. If they do, you should take this as a huge compliment as it means they are comforted by you. You instantly relax them!

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  1. Your Baby Looks Into Your Eyes

A young baby can’t express themselves very well. The most they can do is cry, or not cry. Whether you’re chatting away to your baby or smiling and laughing at them, they will just stare back. That being said, if they gaze at you with a peaceful expression, it’s a sign that they are happy – especially if they gaze into your eyes. Don’t feel bad if they don’t look into your eyes. It might just mean they need a break. This is one of the best ways you can tell if your baby is happy before they can even smile!


  1. Your Baby Laughs And Smiles At You

Your baby may laugh and smile when you’re doing it so it can seem like they are just copying you, but rest assured that when your baby is smiling, they are happy. When they are very young, this can just mean that they’ve passed gas – but when they get a little older, it means they’re happy.

If you want to help your baby develop a sense of humor, try to make them laugh as often as you can. As they get older, you’ll notice that they will try to make you laugh, too. A sense of humour could be one of the most valuable things you help them cultivate!


  1. Your Baby Is Healthy

We mentioned your baby’s digestive system before, but there are many more things you’ll need to think about if you’re going to make sure that your baby is healthy. Are you asking yourself what are the best ways to prevent & treat cradle cap? You can find some great resources and blogs online (although cradle cap is nothing serious). Are you trying to see if something your baby does is normal? Parenting forums are great. However, don’t replace regular trips to a pediatrician with these. Make regular appointments, and listen to their advice. Don’t stress yourself out by searching the web for symptoms and problems all the time, or you could easily have a break down and convince yourself something is wrong when it isn’t!

  1. Your Baby Tries To Speak To You

When your baby hits the 4-7 month mark, you’ll notice them babbling away to you more. Your baby will now attempt to communicate with you by gurgling away happily. They have picked up on these noises by listening to you, so you should be flattered!


Carefully listening to your baby’s tone will help you to figure out what they are feeling. Replying in a similar way can amuse your baby and make them feel like you’re listening! You might even end up having quite the conversation.

6 Signs Your Baby Is Happy

So, have you noticed some of the signs above? Then you can rest assured you have a healthy, happy baby. Leave your thoughts and comments below. Thanks for reading!


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