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5 Reasons Your Kids Seem To Have Insomnia & How To Get Them To Sleep!

We probably don’t need to go into too much detail on how important sleep is for your kids. If your kids aren’t getting enough sleep, they can suffer from both physical and mental health issues. They may struggle to concentrate in school, suffer from mood swings, and have a number of other issues that will affect their quality of life and stop them from being their best selves. This is why it can be so alarming when your kids seem to have insomnia. If your kids are struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep, or both, there could be a few reasons for this. Read on to see what they are:

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Too Much Screen Time

Too much screen time is a huge issue in today’s age with kids. Not only can it cause problems with procrastination and attention elsewhere, it can also keep them lying awake for hours. Screen time should be phased out for at least the last few hours before bedtime.  

The light from screens can interfere with your child’s natural sleep mechanisms. As our day winds down, and the sun glides beneath the horizon, our bodies start to prepare us for sleep. One of the most important preparations is the production of melatonin. Melatonin is our bodies natural sleep aid, and is the biggest reason we begin to feel sleepy.

The light that is emitted from devices can lessen or even block the production of this essential chemical. By removing devices from bedrooms and turning those devices off a couple of hours prior to bed, our bodies are free to work their natural processes and help us (and your child) sleep.

The Wrong Foods

Eating the wrong foods could potentially keep your kids up all night too. If they drink tea, this contains caffeine and could be keeping them up all night. Some foods also contain it. Carb heavy meals may also be an issue. 

Quite a lot of kids will need a nighttime snack to help them stay sleeping through the night. However, we must make sure we provide snacks that won’t do more harm than good. Chocolate is full of caffeine, and could be hiding in your child’s snacks. Think twice about ice cream, pudding, granola bars, and some cereals. All of these snacks could have chocolate and thereby caffiene.

Almonds, kiwi and tart cherries all promote sleep. You might not think about eating turkey before bed, but turkey contains the natural sleep promoting chemical tryptophan. Eating a couple of crackers with sliced turkey could be the ticket to helping your child nod right off to sleep.

Stress Equals No Sleep

Your kids may be more stressed out with school than you think, or even with their friendship group. Watching for signs of stress can help your child process his stress before it keeps him awake in his bed. Provide your child stress relieving activities as well as an open (unjudgemental) ear every day.

No Suitable Sleeping Atmosphere 

Is their bed right for them? Do they have blackout blinds? Young kids and teens need more sleep than adults, so a suitable sleeping atmosphere is essential.  Our daughter needs to feel safe at night. In order to feel safe, she needs an inclosed space. By adding a bed tent to her bed, we cured her inability to get to sleep. She now feels safe, which allows her to fall asleep much easier.

Good Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is one of the the most important parts of helping your child improve her sleep. Exactly what is sleep hygiene? Well, it really is just a bedtime routine. For example, read a book, brush teeth and use the bathroom, put on some comfortable pjs and tuck into bed. By doing the same things every night and at the same time each day, your body is more likely to produce the melatonin needed for sleep.

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