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5 Outdoor Activities Your Children Can Enjoy This Spring

Now that the weather is getting better it is time to start thinking about taking your fun outside. Getting fresh air is so important to your children, and even for your own mindset. Being at home, especially with the responsibility of home school and everything else you need to do, it is important to get some physical activity every now and again. But how can you keep the children occupied? I thought I would share with you some of the best outdoor activities most children will enjoy.

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Playing outside on bikes or scooters

One of the first things to consider would be an activity that is a little more physical. This might include jumping on a bike or a scooter. This is a great activity for children, It is not only decent exercise and allows them to use their fitness, but it can also be a great learning experience. Websites like Kids Ride Wild have a great selection available. Teaching them to be independent on bikes or scooters is one of those things every child should have the joy of experiencing. Whether it is learning to ride a bike or stay on a scooter, it can keep them busy for hours.

Setting up an outdoor obstacle course

If they like something a little more challenging, then an outdoor obstacle course could be the perfect answer. The whole family can be involved in the creation.  Websites like Pinterest are full of ideas of things you can do. Most likely you have materials  to create an obstacle course at home. Make it competitive and you are then teaching valuable lessons on sportsmanship, grace and enabling your children to be proud of their achievements.

Now that the weather is getting better it is is time to start thinking about taking your fun outside.


Taking the lessons outside

You might want to consider taking the lessons outside if the weather is nice. It gives you the chance to learn about something that they can physically get involved in, perhaps nature or animals that live in the garden. Building a birdhouse or a squirrel feeder are wonderful options that can be enjoyed all year.  Other lessons could include things like gardening and learning how things grow. Container gardening is something that can be done even in an apartment or a small backyard.  Each child could be involved with their own small container of plants.  You could even do what we are doing, and turn your backyard into a certified backyard habitat.  The criteria for this can be found at the  


Heading out for a walk in the local park

Heading out to the park is actually something that many children love to do. New surroundings and wide open spaces allow them to run off some steam and it also gives you another opportunity for learning. Navigating the park could be a great lesson as well as fun while you search for different objects or items that could be found. Many parks have specific educational walks that you can do.  You could even bring the pets if you have a dog park in your area.  


Outdoor Art Projects

Finally, being creative doesn’t need to be kept indoors. Getting the chalks out and drawing on stones, patios and on walls is a great way to let your little ones be creative and explore their art and imagination. It will easily be washed off with water or even just leave it until it rains once more.

Tie dying shirts is another project that is fun to do outside.  You can even get creative and tie dye using a spray bottles with watered down dye in them.  just make sure to wear old clothes for this fun, messy project.


Let’s turn off the TV and take the fun outside this spring.  Your family can use these tips and activities to give you some inspiration for outdoor activities when the weather is nice.

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