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5 Calming Tips For Your Child, And They Work For You Too!

Children are energetic, and fun to be around. Most children have the ability to keep active all day every day without much thought for their exhausted parents. Of course we love this about them. They have the enthusiasm and joy that we as adults sometimes forget about. It’s wonderful to see the smiles and laughter of children playing, and even if that is just watching television, or painting, knowing that they are having a wonderful time is lovely. Even on the cute days, sometimes they need calming.

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There are times and reasons why children need to calm down. It is important to teach your child some calming stratgies. The best part, is these calming methods work for you too! Here are just a few things to try.

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Music has a profound impact on many people around the world. It’s one thing that brings us together as humans quite often, we can connect and appreciate the same music as many others at the same time, but music can also be a wonderful tool for calming down children. If you are in a particularly long car journey, or you need to come everybody down to be able to focus, then playing some relaxing music on your radio can really do the trick. A bit of boat Mozart or Beethoven here and there, with some gentle children’s music of their choice, to really change the overall mood of a journey or activity.

Being prepared for this one, and having plenty of CDs, or a full playlist is a great idea to start with. Musical instruments can also be played by children as a learning and education tool, but also as a relaxing activity for them to take part in. Even if it’s just playing with a recorder, which may not be the most relaxing sound to other people at the beginning, it can be beneficial. So it’s certainly worth thinking about collecting music already out there or encouraging your children to make some music themselves. This helps their brain, and Activity levels to calm, which leads to relaxation and happiness ultimately.


Pets can be a wonderfully calming influence on children. Animals like English Lab can calm down even the most energetic child, teaching them some responsibility at the same time, getting a pet has many advantages. Spending time with your cat or dog, just quietly playing games or feeding treats, has been shown to reduce stress levels drastically. There are many people who are choosing emotional support Animals for their children and themselves as well, and this is becoming much more popular.

There is a large element of responsibility that comes with this, however, but as long as you are ready for that, then these pets can significantly improve your lives. Many people have reported that their children have become much calmer, and happier after spending time with their pets at home. This can also improve people’s lives in a physical way Since many pets need a long walk every day, which improves exercise levels and pressure received every day.


Meditation is not just for adults, more and more frequently meditation is being introduced into schools, and healthcare settings, that will help children learn how to relax on their own. Guided meditations aimed at children can be wonderful and also help parents to understand and guide their children at the same time as well. This can be a wonderful bonding experience for parents and children since we have to sit and facilitate a quiet space for our children.

It could be a good idea to take some direction from this ourselves. We need to create some relaxing and calming spaces as well. Not only this but when we are calm, we can deal with our children’s less calm moments much easier. Less stress or end is the ideal situation, and making sure that we are particularly calm, our children are particularly calm, and we are able to enjoy the brighter activity times with a fresh mind, can do wonders for the whole family. 

5 Calming Tips For Your Child, And They Work For You Too!

Gentle walks

Taking gentle walks to the park, gentle walks along canals or even just a trip to the beach to relax can be hugely beneficial to anyone’s family. Whether you choose to walk or wheel, your way around, it’s always great to take in the outdoors, and the fresh air that it provides. There are some wonderful lakes and ponds to explore, hills and mountains that you can climb, and recreation grounds full of play equipment for the children that are available as well.

Many of us remember from our childhood running around and playing with her friends, and even though this high activity level could be seen as not very “calming” the after affects our great since all of the energy is spent on the activity to start with, this encourages much better quality sleep. Not only this but we can always turn it into a family event that helps with bonding and the lovely activities that we can share whilst make memories together. 


Never underestimate the benefits of routine. When children know what time they are getting out of bed, what time are people return from work, and what time they are to expect their meals, it is very reassuring and calming for them. Children will often remember what they need to do next when they are regularly taking part in these activities. Brushing your teeth before bed may sound like an obvious one, but if you change What you do on a daily basis it can negatively impact children, and they can feel uncomfortable and unsupported, but also act out due to this. Nobody wants their children to feel as though they have no routine, because this gives a sense of comfort that not many other things can. So doing your best to ensure that you stick to a routine if possible, is very beneficial for everybody. 

We all know our children best, and we all know what exactly works when it comes to calm and them down, but These ideas may help, and if it is something that you struggle with it could be useful to try them.

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