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3 Ways to Change Your Child’s View on Education

If you’re blessed with a child who loves going to school every day, then trust us, make the most of it. So many parents right now are suffering with children who are so unmotivated with their school work, whether it be those in the elementary grades or high school. A lot of children view school as a way to socialize, and so focus on schoolwork can be seen as secondary.  A child who is struggling in school may look at school as unfriendly and stressful.  A child’s views about school may not always be the best, unless of course they love it. This can have such devastating effects on their learning and future, so we’ve put together a few ways that you can change your child’s view on education.

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School Trips

School trips are going to be one of their most fondest memories. It is a chance to get out of the classroom and see the outside world for a bit. For a lot of students, there is tremendous learning that takes place when they are out and about with the school.  Kids who happen to be kinesthetic learners will appreciate the hands-on activities that can be offered by school trips.  There’s going to be such a variety of school trips available to them as well. We understand that not every parent can afford so many different trips, but most schools provide funding to help those that might struggle a bit.

Parents can supply their children with learning trips even if their local school does not offer them.  This works especially well for children that school at home.  Trips to a local farm,  a local restaurant or even a nearby zoo will provide wonderful learning experiences that can compliment what they are learning in the classroom.

School trips are really important for their social skills. It gives them time to bond with children from other classes that they might not know, and time to enjoy other children’s company outside of the school gates. A lot of the trips are highly educational as well. The more school trips they go on, the happier they’re going to be with going to school.

Dealing With Problems

If you think back to your time at school, you’ll remember that it wasn’t always smooth sailing. There are so many problems that your child is going to go through throughout the years. The main one is dealing with things such as bullying or peer pressure. It can affect their education massively, so dealing with this as it arises is extremely important.  Look for signs that your child may be having difficulty with his or her relationships at school.  Having open communication around these topics will help your child feel more comfortable coming to you.

Try and help them understand their emotions before they manifest into something bigger.  Help them navigate through their peer relationships, as problems with their peer group can affect their ability to function in school. Every child will go through difficulties with friends at some point, so it’s important for you be there for your child. Friendship breakups in particular can make school seem unbearable, so try and get to the bottom of the story quick before it gets to the point where they don’t even want to go to school.

Home Learning

One of the biggest reasons why children dislike school is simply because they don’t know what they’re doing when they get there. Children who struggle in school can feel isolated and embarrassed.  Make sure to speak with school about getting a plan in place for how to help your child be successful.  Some kids require an IEP and extra supports within the classroom. 

Parents can be a great support to their child outside the classroom as well.  Try and nurture their education from home by helping them with the subjects they struggle with the most. There are plenty of resources that you can use online to do so, and it could help you learn a thing or two as well if it was a subject you never took at school!

Helping your kids with their school subjects at home can even boost your passion for education, meaning you could consider a career change. Services such as NavaEd can help you prepare for teaching exams, and this can give you the subject knowledge you and your child need to help them excel at school. Furthermore, seeing that you have a passion for learning can inspire them to embrace their education, which can be especially useful if your child has previously shown little interest in learning.

If your child is struggling with school and maybe does not even want to go to school, try some of these strategies to help change your child’s view on education.  Quite often even small changes in your child’s day will help their outlook and their success.

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