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3 Tips For Welcoming A Dog Into Your Family

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Over the coronavirus pandemic, many families have found that being stuck at home is the perfect time to get a dog. Whether you already have dogs, have had them in the past, or are a total novice to dog ownership, getting a dog is always a nerve-wracking experience for a family. Let’s face it! Dogs are super cute and fun to be around! However, owning one takes a lot of responsibility and time. 

When you already have kids, welcoming a dog into your family is another level of responsibility. Dogs and children make amazing friends, but it does take some work, supervision and building of trust in order to get to the friendship stage. 

In this blog we’ll take a look at 3 tips for welcoming a dog into your family. Let’s get started!

Choose a dog that will suit your lifestyle.

First up, you need to choose the dog you want to bring home. Whether you buy a puppy from a private breeder or rescue a dog from the pound, you need to choose a dog size, breed and personality that’ll match the way you live. 

If you are a super active family who hikes, plays sports, and spends lots of time outdoors, a higher energy breed of dog would work best. You could try a working breed, as this type of dog might suit your family best. However, if you have busy lives and rarely get outdoors, you need to consider that a large, high-energy dog would probably be unhappy in your home.

Make sure to consult a professional vet or dog behaviourist before you jump into a decision. Ask friends and family what type of dog they think would be a good fit for your family. They have good insight into your family dynamics.

Take time to build a trusting relationship with your dog.

During the first few weeks of your dog’s time with you, he or she might be overwhelmed and stressed. They’ve been taken out of their usual environment and brought into an entirely new home, so it’s normal that they might be timid, stressed or a little erratic.

In order to create a healthy, trusting, respectful relationship with your dog, you need to take your time. You can’t expect a person to trust and love you straight away. You also shouldn’t expect a dog to do the same. Putting in the work is super important in order to create a stress-free bond with your pup. 

Set boundaries and rules for your kids. 

When you have a dog that is getting used to family life, it’s important to set boundaries for your kids to adhere to. Kids can become over-excited in the presence of a cute little dog, but their excitement can overwhelm a dog and make it anxious. 

Make sure your kids know when to leave the dog to its own devices, and when it’s okay to run and play. Dogs need quiet time just like people.

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Final Thoughts

If you are getting a dog sometime soon and want to know how to integrate it into your family dynamic, use this guide to help you out. Dogs are amazing additions to any family!

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