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3 Reasons Travel Maps Make Great Teaching Tools

Our family loves to travel. On any given day, one of us is probably venturing off somewhere. Whether it is to a place nearby or halfway around the globe, travel is so important to learning. Children learn so much when families travel, but the learning doesn’t have to stop when you get home. With large travel maps, learning becomes interactive. Put up a large travel map and the learning can happen all year. Here’s why…

Visualize the World With Travel Maps

I am certain that I don’t have to tell you that the world is a pretty big place. But, can your kids imagine the immense size of this rock that we call home? Maybe not. This is where having large travel maps of the world can give them a glimpse.

My oldest daughter was born in Ukraine. We have been trying to help her understand just how far away from Wisconsin that really is. It’s a difficult concept even for adults. Trying the explain just how big the United States is can be tough. The people we met in Ukraine could not imagine that it takes approximately six hours by plane to travel from New York City to Los Angeles.

Looking at travel maps has helped our kids be able to visualize our world. Now if the kids ask is this country next to that country, we have them look at the map. It might be that we hear about a place on the news and it sparks a look at the map. This is a much better way to for kids to remember these places than simple rote memorization.

Travel Maps

Discover Future Travel Destinations

Travel maps are a great way for kids to literally put a pin in the places they would like to visit. Every so often, have your kids decide where they would like to virtually travel. Place a pin in that spot, and then have your kids begin “planning” their travels.

Researching a travel destination can be just as fun sometimes as actually visiting. It is also very educational. I have learned so much about the places we visited just by planning our trips. Once your kids have their travel spot, bring them to the library, do an internet search, or even talk with people from that region of the world. You may even want to cook some food inspired by that destination.

Track The Places You Have Been

We have just started to track the places that we have been. As my children get older and begin travelling on their own, our pins have spread farther around the map. It’s fun for my younger kids to learn about the places their older siblings have visited.

I find its much easier for me to get my kids to learn geography when they have a good reason driving that learning. My oldest son traveled the Pan-American Highway and visited numerous countries along the way. Now, my younger kids have a much more personal reason for learning about the culture and geography of these places.

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