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10 Minute Respite When You Don’t Have Time For A Break

Have you ever had a moment when your kids have you literally at your wits end, but you cannot get away?  What am I saying?  Of course you have, because every parent gets to that point.  These last few weeks have been completely exhausting for both my husband and I.  Our daughter had major leg surgery, and this would be stressful enough.  She does not have full understanding of time, why her cast is not removable, and why all of this recovery stuff is necessary.  Well, needless to say, we both need a Calgon moment.  For those of you that don’t know what a Calgon moment is, it is a luxurious bubble bath or in other words, a 10 minute respite.

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What is the 10 minute respite, you say?

The ten minute respite is a life saver, and rescues the tired and worn out parent’s sanity.  My husband and I are in a season of life where one or both of us have to be with our daughter at all times.  She is almost a total care kiddo, and there really is no one to care for her besides the two of us.  Since one of us has to leave the house to earn an income, that means that I am at home with her an awful lot.  I love my daughter.  She is fifteen.  Enough said?  You can already see why I need the 10 minute respite can’t you.  I don’t even have to mention her strong will, but it is there.

My 10 minute respite sundae. Vanilla Ice Cream, Nutella, Bananas, and 10 minutes of peace.
My 10 minute respite sundae. Vanilla Ice Cream, Nutella, Bananas, and 10 minutes of peace.

This means that I need to take a breather every now and then, even if it seems a little bit selfish.  Even if that means I leave the room for 10 minutes to find a tiny bit of peace.  You know what they say, “Put your own oxygen mask on first.”  Yesterday my wonderful husband came home with a single rose just for me.  My ten minute respite was getting to put that beauty in some water.  And you know what?  It helped tremendously.  Just that little thing.

Since I know that there are other moms and dads out there that could use a 10 minute respite moment, I have put a list of ideas together.  Pull this out when you are having that moment.  Trust me, you will feel so much better.

The ten minute respite is a life saver, and rescues the tired and worn out parent's sanity.

10 Minute Respite Ideas

  • Have a cup of your favorite tea or coffee

  • Make yourself a sundae or other fun treat

  • 10 minutes of yoga

  • Read a chapter in a book

  • Color in an adult color book

  • Write in a journal

  • Funny cat videos or other funny Youtube

  • Phone a friend

  • Pet your dog, cat, rabbit, snake, etc

  • Take a shower with your favorite shower essentials

  • Meditate

  • Listen to a few of  your favorite songs

  • Give yourself a 10 minute facial

  • Check the stats for your favorite team

  • Play a few rounds of Solitaire, Candy Crush or some other game on your phone

  • Send an email or text to your spouse letting them know you love them

  • Apply your favorite smelling lotion

  • Write a list of all the things you did today, even if that has to include “got out of bed”

  • Fix your hair

  • Step outside for 10 minutes or just look out the window

Has this week been stressful?  Do you wish you could get away, but this is not an option right now?  The 10 minute respite just may be the answer.  Try any one of these stress relievers so you can get on with your day.

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  1. You have a lot of great ideas here! A lot of the things on your list, I do already, but I never thought to only do them for 10 minutes just to give myself some mental reprieve! I think sometimes we get so caught up in life or work and it’s hard to remember that we can really take a 10 minute respite, it’s not that long. You’ve inspired me 🙂

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