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Three Writer Problems That Can Be A Bigger Deal Than You May Think

There are few more rewarding vocations for the creative mind than becoming a writer. Writing is amongst the purest and most versatile forms of expression. Writers can paint on a canvas that’s as broad as the human imagination, using a palette of colors more vivid than any paint ever created. We can create blockbuster adventures in the movie theater of the mind without worrying about budget, logistics or how difficult Gwyneth Paltrow’s going to be to work with. But while being able to craft elaborate stories and well rounded characters from the netherworld of our imaginations is a wonderful thing, our dedication to our craft can actually end up impacting negatively on our lives in a number of ways.  There are actually three writer problems that are a bigger deal than you might think.

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Here we’ll look at some of the quotidian personal challenges that are part and parcel of a writer’s life. These can actually prove damaging to our lives in ways we may not have fully considered.  Luckily there are real solutions that you can implement today.  

Our immersion in our imagination can cause us to fall short in the real world

We’ve all been there. You’re piecing together the ingredients of a great scene, a great chapter or a great article. You almost feel like a passenger in the process than the driver behind it. You’re waiting in the theater of your mind for the elements to come together- when all of a sudden a truck merges into your lane and you’re shaken out of your reverie by the blare of the truck’s horn. Our imaginations can be as great a source of distraction as any cell phone screen and if we find ourselves involved in a collision as a result we could end up hiring an attorney to battle claims of driving without due care and attention. While it’s true that inspiration can strike at any time, it helps to try and compartmentalize your thoughts when doing something that should have your full attention.

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We can lose track of the other important stuff when a deadline looms near

Prolific sci fi novelist Douglas Adams claimed that he loved deadlines. He enjoyed the whooshing sound they made when they passed him by. Unfortunately, few of us in this capricious economy can get away with treating our deadlines with levity. But while they may certainly be important, they shouldn’t come at the expense of our commitments outside of work. Good time management is the key to ensuring that you don’t become a cranky hermit whom your family hates to converse with when your deadlines loom near.

It can be extremely difficult to make time to read

When you’re a writer you need to consume to create. You need to be a good reader if you aim to be a good writer. But in today’s increasingly hectic world where there are so many distractions around every corner, it can be extremely difficult to make the necessary time to immerse ourselves in reading. This can lead the creative well to run dry and result in frustration. Find the time, even if it means getting up a half hour earlier. What better way to start your day than with a Cup of Joe and a good book?

Three Writer Problems That Can Be A Bigger Deal Than You May Think

If you are struggling as a writer, try fixing these three writer problems.  Writing is both rewarding and challenging.  Once you master some very basic skills, your writing will improve in no time.

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