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The Mess & The Moments: Surviving The First Two Months Of Your Baby’s Life

Your life turns upside down from the point you were preparing to get pregnant.  All the way through the ups and downs, scares and joys, and now the baby has been born. This is where life gets very interesting! The first two months of the baby’s life is something that, if you can survive it, you can survive anything! It can feel like emotional turmoil. It’s also a physical task unlike any other. So, what practical tips can you make the most of surviving the first two months of your newborn’s life, physically, and emotionally?

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Have An Abundance Of Supplies

Make sure you have the freezer fully stocked before the baby’s born. It’s far easier for you to cook meals in bulk, and freeze them.  Then simply take them out and reheat when you need refueling. Everybody’s health is important at this stage.  It’s far easier for us all to rely on take outs, but we know this isn’t the healthiest of approaches. Have a pizza as a well-earned treat once a week.  The rest of the time, make sure to have something healthy.  The new instant pots make cooking a healthy meal even easier.  

All the way through the ups and downs, scares and joys, and now the baby has been born. This is where life gets very interesting!

Communication Is Key

Nobody’s psychic, especially those that are sleep deprived! It’s important for you and your partner to communicate properly.  If you do need extra sleep, say so! Brainstorm ways in which to make it easier on you both. This may mean you both doing shifts in looking after the baby, especially if they don’t sleep.  If you all have communication as a priority, and agreed beforehand to be honest, then you need to stick to this.


There will be mess, not just from the baby, but the house will be a sight too.  You need to let it go. It’s impossible for you to keep on top of the cleaning. During these first few months it may be wise to refrain from visitors for a while. There will be plenty of time to show off your cute newborn in the months to come.  Remember, those close to you will not care about the state of your home.  They are more concerned with visiting the new little bundle.  

Ask For Help If You Need It

There will be times when you need an extra pair of hands. Maybe you do need someone to help clean the house.  If so, you have friends and family around, ask for help. Don’t be afraid to reach out. Help comes in many different forms, from asking your parents to buy additional supplies, including the all essential thermal mug to keep your coffee hot, to having a friend lend a sympathetic ear, help is always around the corner.

Eat And Sleep As Much As You Can

It’s a big cliché, sleep when the baby sleeps, but there is a reason it’s a cliché! If your baby rarely sleeps, it’s important to get some shut eye as soon as they drift off. The only way to really recharge your energy stores is to have some sleep. But also, you need to make sure that you have enough fuel in your body to deal with what’s thrown at you. It’s always best to have a packet of nuts nearby, but there are also handy snacks in the shape of fat bombs. These are very filling, and pretty easy to make, and you can also store them in the freezer! Making sure you are completely stocked up as far as your energy stores are concerned is vital for you to survive the first two months.

Cherish The Moments

For all of the struggles you have at this point, it can be difficult to slow down and savor them all. It’s important to document this part of your baby’s life, especially if you have continually blurry vision! It’s amazing to look back on the pictures of your baby a few years from now and think of how little they actually were! One of the best ways to do this would be to get some professional photos. Getting baby photos by Gable Photography or any local professional photographer is a fantastic way to document the first few months of your baby’s life. Sometimes we need a snapshot, not just of the baby, but of the family at this point in time. While you might look over your smartphone photos and see that there’s just your partner or your baby in the pictures, or you and the baby, but never pictures of all three of you together, having a professional photo shoot is a great way to capture this moment.

You Will Get Stressed!

Stress and anxiety are not just down to hormones; there will be major panics, especially during the night. Fortunately, this is something that goes away, but if you are concerned about the fact that you are panicked about them all of the time, part of this is something that’s inbuilt into us as mothers. It’s part of evolution. So hopefully this can give you piece of mind. But the first journey out, just you and the baby, can be very stressful. The best way to get over this is to make a short journey. Just go out quickly and get home, and gradually build up the length of your journeys each and every time, and you’ll get more confident.

Don’t Feel Guilty About Giving Too Much Love

You would hear many people giving their own advice on how you should parent your child, but it’s far more important for you to trust your instincts. One of the big things that you will be told is if your baby is crying, you should let them “cry it out.” However, this old-fashioned approach to parenting has, in fact, not shown to have any positives in the baby at all. It’s far better for you too give the baby as much love as you feel you can, because during the first couple of months they will need as much protection as possible. If they feel like they are on there own, this will burrow into their outlook on life.

The first two months of your newborn’s life is fantastic, but also frightening. Making sure you have some form of preparation for surviving the first two months, by way of the practical things.  This will most certainly help, but this is only one part of the equation. And don’t worry, you will get more sleep!


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