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The Importance of Lazy Days

Spoiler Alert! There is stress in homeschool. I bet you didn’t know that, right? Of course there is stress. This is why having a lazy day every now and again is so very important. Some people even call them mental health days. I like the sound of that, because then I am not actually being lazy. We are working on our mental health! Whatever you call it, you might like to have a few excuses to take a lazy day in the very near future. Here you go!

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Brick and Mortar Schools Get Breaks Don’t They?

It seems like every other week, the brick-and-mortar schools in our area are taking a break. While it can be super frustrating to have tons of extra kids visiting our favorite hangouts, we can also learn from this day off tradition. We can learn that taking a break is a very necessary part of a great education.

In our town, these days are even celebrated with extra open hours at the local skating rink, arcade, etc. The library even has special events that happen on these days too. If the community understands a child’s need to take a break, we as homeschool parents should recognize this as well.

Snow Days Don’t Exist in Homeschool, But They Should!

Every brick-and-mortar student is literally glued to the weather report as they hear that significant snow is on its way. Not our students. Snow really isn’t a factor when you commute from your bedroom to the kitchen. But, when the snow is getting deep and the snowsuits are calling, maybe a snow day is in order.

Bring the learning outside! Or, you can just learn to reconnect as a family. Take a break from teacher/ student and remember that you have other titles that are also very important.

The importance of taking a lazy day

There is Learning to be Done!

Even on a lazy day there is learning to be done! Let’s say that the snow is falling hard and the sleds are calling your name. Why not set up some sled races and see who can make their sled go the fastest. Now you are learning science and maybe even some math.

Take a hike in the nearby woods or visit a local museum. These things are definitely learning activities, but are also great for lazy days. But, even if all you do is sit on the couch while binge watching Netflix in your pjs, this is still valuable time. You are learning the art of relaxation and family connections. These skills are just as important as those pesky three R’s.

Blogging Through the Alphabet

Let’s hear what you came up with for the Letter L this week. You can add your post below. And don’t forget to visit the co-hosts and other participants.

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