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The Benefits Of A Semester Abroad For Teens

Ensuring your kids get a well-rounded, full education is important for their future. So what can you offer them that enriches their high school experience? One thing you can do is give them the chance to study overseas. Being able to experience new surroundings, meet different people and enjoy a different way of living can help prepare them for college, as well as enrich their education.  The benefits of a semester abroad far outweigh the negatives.  

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As daunting as it might be for you as a parent, this is a great opportunity for your teen. Need a bit more convincing?  Let us show you why time abroad is too great of an opportunity for your student to let it pass him by.

The opportunity to travel

Many kids don’t get the chance to travel outside of the US.  In fact, most vacations taking place in a different state rather than a different country. Traveling  abroad offers teens the chance to break away from what they know and see everyday to experience different cultures and traditions.  For kids that have trouble learning in the classroom environment, they will have learning experiences that will educate them beyond the classroom. The benefits of travel for teens are numerous.  It will be good for them to visit new countries that they might not get the chance to visit once they graduate.  Once the responsibilities of adulthood enter their lives, these opportunities may not be available.  

It’s more affordable pre-college

While many people choose to study overseas for college, spending a year or semester of high school abroad is much more affordable. The fees are lower (possibly non-existent). Living costs will also be more affordable as students are usually placed with host families. The needs are much less as high school students than college students. They might even benefit from scholarships too.  If your student travels with a language club, quite often the costs can be lowered by school sponsored fundraisers.  A girl in my graduating class visited three different countries before high school graduation with fundraising.  

It enriches their education

Education differs in different countries. By attending high school overseas, teens can enjoy a different type of learning.  This could develop their skills and broaden their education. Attending an international school can help to develop language skills as well as learn about different cultures.  This will help to educate them in different ways than what they usually learn at school. Learning a new language is an incredibly useful skill to have.  Being right at the heart of it will help kids to learn languages quicker – giving them even more opportunities for the future.

It looks great on college applications

Applying for college can be difficult, and it can be hard for troublesome teens to find activities and hobbies that interest them. Studying abroad looks great on a college application, showing that they’ve had unique experiences that will make them excellent students. If you’re looking for ways to build your teen’s confidence before college, then spending some time overseas can certainly help.

The Benefits Of A Semester Abroad For Teens

Studying abroad is a good opportunity for your teens.  It is one you should definitely consider to help give them an unforgettable high school experience. Even if it’s just for a short period, it could offer them many benefits for their education and their personal development. Take a look at resources for studying abroad to help give you a clearer idea of where to go and where to choose and help your teen get the most out of their high school years. The benefits of a semester abroad are too great to let an opportunity like this pass your student by.

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