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Tactics That Will Ensure Your Homeschoolers Get Enough Exercise

We all know that exercise is a vital part of our children’s development as they grow up. It’s not only fun, but helps them to concentrate, keep physically fit, and can have a positive effect on their mood to boot! However, sometimes it can be difficult to schedule enough structured exercise into a homeschool daysp.  This is especially so if the kids aren’t too keen getting active. Luckily, if you read the post below you will get some strategies that will ensure your homeschoolers get enough exercise on a regular basis.

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Create a schedule and stick to it


One the most significant and most effective tactics you can use when you want to ensure that your homeschooled kids are getting the right amount of exercise is to create a schedule.  You most likely are already doing this for subjects that you are teaching your children each day.  Just make sure that you don’t forget to also schedule in some time for the good ole’ fashioned PE too. 


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In fact, the advantage of having such a schedule will be that the kids will come to expect and look forward to their physical activity time. Also, if it is occasionally missed, you will be able to get quickly back on target quickly and simply the next day.


Of course, a schedule will only work if you are consistent with enforcing it. That means getting the kids to take part in physical activity whether they are happy about it, or not. This can sometimes mean you will need to use your motivational skills and even offer a reward such as a sticker on their behavior chart to encourage them.

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However, after a while, a schedule should develop into a routine, and you will have to do this less and less to get them to exercise regularly.


Break up tough lessons with physical movement


Another fantastic strategy to ensure that your kids get enough physical exercise is to have short breaks in lessons to allow them to move around.


You can even teach them some specific stretches and movements to do.  These are actually known to help concentration and to facilitate the connection between the left and the right side of the brain. Something that can make it much easier for a child to achieve their full potential.


Enroll them in an outside group


Next, to be sure that homeschoolers are getting enough exercise, it’s a great idea to get them enrolled in outside clubs and teams.  This is a great way for your child to meet new friends, as well as an opportunity to try sports that you cannot provide at home.


Happily, you’ll find all sorts of activities on offer including gymnastics classes for kids, swimming lessons, and martial arts training which can be useful for confidence too. Then there are the more traditional team sports such as hockey, basketball and soccer.


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Of course, smart parents will always consult with the children themselves to see what they would prefer to do.  This will get more willing participants, rather than push them into a particular direction when it comes to sports and physical activity.


After all, not only are the kids much more likely to enjoy it if they have picked the sport themselves, but it will be so much easier to get them to attend practice and classes regularly. Something that can go a long way to ensuring they are getting the right amount of exercise.


Get a little help from tech


Last, of all, homeschool parents shouldn’t be afraid of seeking a little help from technology in getting their kids up and moving. In fact, it can be a tremendous assistance in both motivating them and allowing them to track their progress.

Smart Watches

There are plenty of options available in this area too. These include more basic devices such as fitness wearables like an Apple watch or Fitbit that can help your child to set specific goals to meet each day. You might even incorporate the findings in with a health curriculum or use the stats for math class.  Your kids will be more motivated if they feel like they are actually getting something from their physical activity.  

Video Games

Then there are plenty of videos games that encourage movement too.  Strange to think about an active video game, but there really are some great options for you child out there.  In fact, these games are so much fun that your kids will forget all about the hard physical work they are doing to play them! The Wii and Wii U made by Nintendo are good for this. There is a vast range of sports-related titles such as tennis, dancing, and even boxing to use. Some of the no-sports related games require a lot of physical effort to be played, so they truly can work well for this purpose.


Augmented Reality

You may wish to use augmented reality.  This may just inject a little more physical activity into your children’s lives if they are being schooled at home.  Of course, the advantage of AR is that it can be used for enhancing other aspects of school too.  It also works well as to encourage some movement.

Phone Apps

Another option is to try some of the newer apps designed to get your kids moving. Most kids will be ecstatic about using games such as Pokemon Go to ensure they get regular activity outside in the fresh air too!  The idea of chasing down Pokemon all the while taking a hike in the park seems fun even to me!

Tactics that will ensure your homeschooler gets enough exercise

If you have been scratching your head about how to ensure your homeschooler gets enough exercise, try these tips. You probably have everything you need to get your kids active already.  In fact, it doesn’t even have to cost a lot of money either.  Simply look around for creative ways such as the tips above to get your kids moving.  The health benefits will be so worth it for your child.


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