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Steer Your Teenagers Away From These Dangerous Trends

Lots of teenagers make mistakes that result in their parents having to bail them out. Even more young adults make their parents worry due to what they consider to be essential modern life goals. You need to do everything possible to steer your teens away from the dangerous trends and in the right direction. When all’s said and done, no parent wants to feel sick with stress every time their teen leaves the house.  The good news is that you don’t have to.  There are ways to help your child make good choices without having a battle of wills.  

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Trend 1: Getting a motorcycle license

Many teens feel excited about the prospect of obtaining their bike license and heading out on the open road. However, as parents, you must do everything possible to deter them from that ambition. As the professionals at Aitken Law know all too well, motorcycles are far more dangerous than cars. If your teen crashes a car, they will likely survive the incident and come out unscathed. The same is not true when it comes to motorbikes. The slightest mistake, and your loved one might have to spend months in the hospital. So, make sure you let them know about the dangers and forbid them from taking bike lessons until they’re a little more mature.

As you probably already know, forbidding your teen from doing things is typically not the best way to get them to forget about what they want to do.  If your teen is still is very persistent, there is a safe compromise you could make.  You could check  out a local BMX club near you.  This would provide a safe place for your teen to learn the ropes of motorbiking in a safe environment.  Since this is an activity that costs money, they could also build responsibility by helping to cover the costs.

Trend 2: Attending raves every weekend

A new trend in the teen social seen is the rave.  Maybe you have heard about these on the news.  Recently there were quite a few teens that were killed by a fire at a rave located in an unsafe, abandoned building in Los Angeles.  It seems that teens are drawn to these secluded places to escape the judgment of adults.  However, these places are also very unsafe and pose high risk to your teen.  Make sure to talk to your teen about the risks of these types of events, and help them to find alternatives that are safe and also fun.

Even if your teen finds safe places to have fun and let loose, you will need to limit their time spent doing these activities.  Parents should want their teens to work hard and excel in life, but that is never going to happen if your loved one gets in the habit of attending raves and nightclubs every weekend.

It’s a slippery slope, and your teen will soon underperform in their college or high school  academia. Of course, nothing is an issue in moderation, and so you need to teach your children that there is a time for fun and a time for work according to those at iHeartRaves and other sites. Also, people who attend raves inevitably become involved with others who take illegal drugs. That is not something that will benefit your teen’s progress.

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Trend 3: Becoming a couch potato

By the time teens reach high school, school becomes more work than fun.  Gone are the days of fun recesses and feildtrips.  Lots of teens will begin to lose motivation to do their schoolwork and spend all day playing video games in their bedroom. Of course you can’t let that happen.

The tough part for parents is helping your children to understand the benefits a good education will have on their future.  As parents, we need to ensure our kids understand the milestones they need to reach to build a happy and prosperous life. So, start talking to your teens about their education from a young age.  Make sure they have plans for how they will get their schoolwork completed well.  If you lay out the plans for your child’s future and attempt to make them stick to it, they will only rebel.  They may even rebel so hard that they find themselves in drugs or other crimes.  

Instead, provide your teen with guidance.  Give them the reigns to make their own choices.  Help them to figure out a good study schedule that also allows them the freedoms to explore  and have fun.  By providing your teen with the room to make their own choices, you also allow them to have a safe place to make some mistakes.  If they don’t learn how to make some of these mistakes before they become an adult, the consequences will be much greater. Your teen will be more invested in making good choices without the battles from you.  If they have some say over their life decisions, they will be much more likely to be compliant with the rules.

Steer Your Teenagers Away From These Dangerous Trends

If you manage to steer your teenagers away from the dangerous trends mentioned on this page, they should grow into responsible and healthy adults. Of course, all teens will make mistakes along the way. So, it is your duty as a parent to identify those instances, correct them, and return your loved one to the straight and narrow. Hopefully, they will achieve all their dreams if you do that.

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