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Simple DIY Bongo Board for the Mover and Shaker in Your House

Calling all parents with movers and shakers that seem to need constant movement to be happy!  I have an easy solution that doesn’t involve tearing your hair out or giving your child Children’s Chewable Valium. Now please don’t send me tons of emails, this is not a real product and inserted purely for humor. My point is that before you end up hiding in the bathroom, you can make this Simple DIY Bongo Board and let your kids go nuts.  The best part about this project, is that it is simple enough for a child to make almost independently.  You could even use it as a parent-child activity for extra fun.

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bongo board supplies

  • Pine Board – 12 x 1 x 36 inches

  • 1/2 inch Pipe Insulation

  • Duct Tape – two roles, any color or pattern

  • PVC Pipe – 2 or 3 inches in diameter

  • PVC End Caps – 2 of them matching the diameter of the pipe

  • Course Sand Paper

  • Scissors

  • Hack Saw


  • Cut the PVC Pipe to 1.5 feet in length.  Make sure the cut is straight so the End Cap will fit properly.
  • Then place an End Cap on each end of the cut PVC Pipe until they are secure and aren’t easily removed.  You can place some glue to make sure they don’t separate, but this shouldn’t be necessary.

prepare pvc pipe for bongo board

  • If you don’t like the writing on the PVC Pipe, you can easily sand this off for a more clean finish.
  • Once the PVC Pipe is finished, you can begin decorating the board.  Begin by sanding any rough edges so the Duct Tape will go on more smoothly without lots of bubbles.
  • Next, begin covering the board with the Duct Tape.  You can really choose any pattern you would like as long as the entire board is covered.  This will make the board less slippery when in use.

decorate the bongo board

  • Cut the Pipe Insulation into two 12 inch lengths.  Then cut each piece down the middle the long way.  Place the Pipe Insulation along both ends of the board to add cushioning.

cut the insulation for the bongo board

  • Place the board perpendicular on top of the PVC Pipe to simulate a small teeter-totter.
  • Congratulations!  Your new Bongo Board is ready for lots of fun!

finished bongo board                     using the bongo board

Having Fun With Your New Bongo Board:

Bongo Boards are great fun.  There is no doubt.  But, did you know that they can be purposeful too?  They really can.  For kiddos that need vestibular input, Bongo Boards are amazing additions to any sensory diet.  Is your child having trouble concentrating?  Maybe he or she is just plain over stimulated.  Well, guess what?  Have them spend some time with the Bongo Board, and you might be surprised at just how fast they can regroup.

bongo board special needs toys parents can make                   easy diy sensory movement toys bongo board                   simple diy bongo board for the mover and shaker in your house

In our house, the Bongo Board is a huge hit.  So much so that we are actually contemplating making a second one.  Lucky for us, they are super easy to make.  If you need something to keep your on the go child busy, why not try the Simple DIY Bongo Board.


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