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Parenting is a very busy affair, right?  Who has time anymore.  Surely not this mom.  So, over the years I have worked to find the Resources special needs parents need in order to save money, save sanity, and save time.  These work well for my family.  I hope this list helps your family as well!

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Free Travel Resources to Keep Kids Busy

I would love to share some free resources that I have created over the years to help keep children learning and engaged while on the go without the use of electronics.  Let’s just call this my gift to you for checking out my site!  I hope your kids like them as well as mine do!

Micky Mouse Travel Game

Little Adventures Princess Dresses and Super Hero Outfits

This is my one of my daughter’s favorite resources for obvious reasons.  Every little one loves to dress up as their favorite super hero, princess or storybook character.  These costumes are awesome, because they are both durable and affordable.  Whether you are planning a birthday party, a Halloween costume, or a trip to see your child’s favorite character, Little Adventures has the outfit for your child.

Sonic Alert Alarm Clock

This is one of my favorite resources!  Our son is a super sound sleeper.   He can sleep though even the most obnoxious of alarms, but not this one.  To avoid having a Home Alone situation when we travel, we make sure our son gets up on time with the Sonic Alert!  It not only uses sound, it also vibrates the bed to gently wake even the deepest of sleepers!  No more having to run to his room on my busy travel mornings to make sure he is awake.  He now is up and ready to go without any prompting from me.

Vacation Memory Books by Smile Books

When the travel is all said and done, the only thing left are the memories.  Our family loves to create memory books so that we can showcase the adventures we have had.  My daughter spends hours going over the wonderful memories inside each book.  Scrap booking takes more time and talent than I personally have, so I turn to photo books.  Simply upload your pictures into their templates, and a lovely book is shipped to your home in no time!  This works well to organize your photos you collect from Disney’s Memory Maker or My Universal Photos. offers fast, high-quality custom photo books, wall art, mugs, calendars, greeting cards and prints! Use our our award-winning free design software for fast and easy keepsakes and gifts!to appear

Photo Books

Convaid Easy EZ Rider Travel Ready Medical Stroller/ Wheelchair

Our daughter just loves her EZ Rider from Convaid.  This stroller/ wheelchair quickly folds to the size of an umbrella stroller, but is tough enough for a child/ young adult weighing up to 110 pounds.  This stroller comes bus ready, and each stroller has been crash tested to ensure your child will remain safe at all times.  With the function of a travel chair and the convenience of an umbrella stroller, the EZ Rider is one of our favorite travel resources love ours, and this comes very highly recommended.  It may even be covered by your insurance!  For those of you who live in the Midwest, I highly recommend speaking with Rehabilitation Designs.  They helped us and they are truly wonderful to work with.




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