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Product Review of Sound, and Fluid Dynamics by CrossWired Science

Are your kids curious about the world around them and how things work? I know I have a young man in my house that is continually asking questions about how things tick. Sound, and Fluid Dynamics by CrossWired Science offer answers to some of these questions. I was happy to be picked for this review, as this will make a really fun summer science curriculum for my sons. Here is what I found…

CrossWired Science Courses

A Little Bit About CrossWired Science

The purpose behind CrossWired Science is not to simply teach your child about science. As they put it in their site, they want to teach “true science” or the “handiwork of the Almighty God.” Because of this, the curriculum is meant to bring a strong awareness of God’s creation and strengthen faith.

This curriculum is designed to get you moving and get you outside. Because of this, they have included lots of hands-on activities that can be done in the outdoors. The ones that we can’t wait to try include making a rubber band powered airplane and a fish dissection.

CrossWired Science Fluid Dynamics

A Little Bit About Sound, and Fluid Dynamics

Sound, and Fluid Dynamics are two courses currently offered by CrossWired Science. Both courses are set up very similarly. Each course has various lessons that your child will progress through. It does not appear that these need to be completed in a certain order. The lessons contain a short video followed by a quiz to see what you remember.

Additionally, there are other pieces to each course including: experiments, suggested research, reading guides for various related books, possible field trip ideas, and so much more. For those that want to dig a bit deeper, there are suggestions for putting together a family or homeschool coop science fun night, creating science games, or even suggestions for how to create a multimedia project. There are more than enough ideas and activities to keep your children busily digging into science for quite a long time.

CrossWired Science Sound

How We Plan To Use This Product

Because I plan for this to be the basis of our summer school program, we plan to cover quite a lot of what Sound, and Fluid Dynamics have to offer. My plan is to have my boys begin with Fluid Dynamics and then move on to Sound.

Each week, the plan is to complete a lesson on Monday, work through an experiment on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then on either Thursday or Friday, we can try a field trip. I will also have them each pick a book to read from the listed suggestions, and then journal about what they read.

They will also be encouraged to create a scrapbook of the field trips and experiments to look back on at the end of summer. This will include photos, notes, and journal entries about what they learned. Since we plan to go to Chicago to see all of the fun museums this summer, they will also be encouraged to add details from our trip in the scrapbooks.

Product Review of CrossWired Science

Our Thoughts…

I am pretty impressed with this curriculum so far. This is not just a little side adventure. This seems like it can be the whole adventure if you use it right. There are even guides for the best places to find great research. With the dawn of the information age, it can be really tough to find great resources. To have them laid out for you is a life saver.

CrossWired Science does a very nice job of balancing the digital world with the world outside. This is probably my favorite part. CrossWired Science uses technology to peak the interest of our digital loving children. Then it entices them to go out and actually experience the things they learned.

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Review Crew Thoughts…

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