How to Get Your Kids to be Creative

Creativity is an amazing skill for anyone to have, and a great pastime for children too. Teaching your kids things can be difficult, but engaging them and letting them create something of their own can be an amazing tool for them to learn new things. Continue reading →

A Special Needs Mom’s Review of Taming the Lecture Bug And Getting Your Kids to Think

Do you feel like you spend a lot of time lecturing your kids?   I know that I feel that way sometimes.  That’s why every now and then I need to take a break with some tea and a good book.  I recently was picked to review the book Taming the Lecture Bug And Getting Your Kids To Think by Parenting Made Practical.  This has made my break time doubly effective.  I get a little bit of respite, and I get some great parenting tips.  I call that a double win, and I would love to share this win-win with you too! Continue reading →

An Eye For Detail: Awesome Accessories For A Cool Kid’s Room

If your family is on the go as much as ours, you probably don’t have a lot of time for home upkeep.  One of the ways we have worked to create a calmer household, is to ensure that everyone has their own safe haven at home.  Your child will appreciate a calming space that they can retreat to when life gets stressful.  Making sure that the space fits the needs of your child is essential.  Keeping an eye to the details will ensure that your child can use their space to unwind and regroup.  Parents can enjoy a little more piece as their child spends downtime in their new and improved cool kid’s room. Continue reading →

10 Ways Norskedelan Brings The Pioneer Days To Life

Are there days when you just want to escape this fast-paced, digital world for a simpler, quieter time?  I know that I do.  When life in the 21st century gets a little too hectic, I like to escape to a simpler time.  Norskedalen Nature and Heritage Center provides the perfect retreat from life as we know it.  Here, you will find a homestead that would rival those in the days of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  It is complete with houses, stables, and a blacksmith shop.  Each have been brought straight out of the late 1800’s to be bring visitors on a first class tour of life in the pioneer days. Continue reading →

Cursive Without Frustration with CursiveLogic a Review

For my son, handwriting could be considered a form of torture.  Learning cursive was also quite a chore. Unfortunately due to his dyslexia and dysgraphia, it is something he never really mastered.  With our digital world, it seemed that he would really never need this skill. Around fifth grade, we just dropped the subject all together.  Well, fast forward to high school, and being able to write in cursive becomes ever so more important.  When our family was picked to review CursiveLogic Quick Start Pack and The Art of Cursive by CursiveLogic, I was really happy.  Continue reading →