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Is Back-to-School For Homeschool Families?

As we look forward to September, we begin to think about back-to-school.  But, is that true for everyone?  I saw a funny video on Facebook explaining the six different kinds of back-to-school moms.  Of course there was the new mom and the veteran mom, but there was also the homeschool mom.  She did not even know it was back-to-school.  This brought up a great question in my mind.  Is back-to-school for homeschool families?  The answer I think is “yes.”  Here’s why…

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Save Money

Who doesn’t love a sale, right?  Well guess what!  Everything learning is on sale right now.  Yes, I know you already knew that.  You would have to live under a rock if you didn’t realize that school and office supplies are on sale.  But, school supplies are on sale, so why not take advantage of that if you can.  You don’t need a school supply list to take advantage of the huge savings this time of year.

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Each year at this time I thank my lucky stars that my kids’ teacher doesn’t require sanitizing wipes, zip lock bags and other seemingly useless supplies.  She does, however, require notebooks, folders, scissors, markers, crayons, etc.  All things that after school officially starts for the rest of the world will be incredibly expensive.  So why not stock up now?

Every August, we head to to the stores and load up on all of the school supplies I believe we will need to get through the next calendar year.  I’m not gonna lie.  It’s sort of a huge bill all at once, but it saves us tons in the long run.  If you haven’t done so yet, take your crew out and load up on all the good buys going on right now before they are gone.

Get Back In The Swing Of Things

We homeschool year round, but I have a confession to make.  We don’t stick to our schedule nearly as well when the weather is nice and the beach and park are calling our names.  This means that we have to get back into the swing of things every fall in order to get through our learning.  Sleeping in and procrastination is real my friend.  Going back to a more formal school day can be rough, so we practice.

back-to-school at mc donald's

For a couple of weeks we practice getting up at a set time and beginning our day on time.  Because procrastination is real, we need a little bit of motivation.  Hello Mc Donald’s!  We bribe, I mean reward, ourselves with Mc Donald’s breakfast if we get up and moving by a predetermined time.  Now before you all get excited over the amount of unhealthy foods I am giving my children, we do try to choose healthy options.  Yes, Mc Donald’s has some fairly healthy things like yogurt and fruit parfaits and good ole’ fashioned oatmeal.

This little gesture truly helps motivate us to get back on track and in the swing of things.  I would highly encourage you to try something similar with your own family if you too struggle to get moving.  It works!


Have A Fresh Start

I love New Year’s.  It’s such a great time of year, because everyone sort of gets a clean slate.  Had a bad year?  That’s okay.  A new year is coming.  We all begin to make plans for how this new year is going to be our best year yet.  So why not have a New Year’s for your homeschool too?

We use the typical back-to-school time to do just that.  Each August we leave the old school year behind and look forward to beginning a new adventure in September.  Since back-to-school is already in the air, it only makes sense to bring this same fresh start to our homeschool.  Even though we school all year, we have a sense of shedding off the old energy and putting on the fresh new energy.  It’s sort of like a battery boost to keep us moving forward on our learning journey.  If your homeschool has hit the doldrums or you are having a hard time finding your groove, try making a New Year’s for your family.  It just might be the jump start you need.

If you homeschool, rest assured, back-to-school is for your family too!  Take advantage of this fun time of year and provide your homeschool with a bit of a kick start while you’re at it!  Why not take some time and see how other homeschooling families on the Review Crew are getting ready for their school years too!  Simply click the link below to see more.

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Is Back-to-School For Homeschool Families?

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