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Great Christmas Gifts For Special Needs Moms

With Christmas fast approaching, most of us have already started planning our holiday shopping lists.  Every few days, Facebook reminds me just how close Christmas really is, and it tends to put me in a panic.  Being a special needs mom, I know that I put myself on the back burner during this time of year more than any other.  If you have a special needs mom on your shopping list, I have a few suggestions for what to do.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money either.  I have included some cheap Christmas gift ideas too.  Here are a few items that special needs moms really wish they had, but of course will never get them for themselves.

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Personalized Gifts

Personalised Christmas gifts are so much more thoughtful than simply picking something up at a store.  When you have something personalized, it means that you took the extra time to individualize the gift to that person on your list.  My personal favorite would be this tin stamped necklace which includes names of her children.  I really like this one, because quite often, mother’s jewelry uses birthstones.  If you are not familiar with each child’s birth date, this can be a tricky gift.  With this necklace, the mama on your list can proudly display her kiddos’ names.  And, with a character limit of 78, this gift works for large families too!  All of this makes it just a bit more unique, I think.


Whimsical Gifts

Momming is hard work, right?  Christmas gifts for mums can be fun.  So why not treat the moms on your list to this cute “Mama Bear” mug.  This is perfect to take with to all those dreaded IEP meetings.  Watch out as this mama walks in to her next meeting all ready to go!  You might even want to pair this with her favorite coffee or creamer.  Better yet, add a few pieces of her favorite chocolate.  Yum!

Self Care Gifts

There is nothing more needed in a special needs mom’s life than self care.  These are the people who give until they have nothing left and then give some more.  Unfortunately, special needs moms are also the last person to receive self care.  But, this Christmas you can change that.  Why not give some things that will pamper her just a little.

Microwave Comfort Packs

These aroma therapy packs are the ultimate in relaxation as they can be used both warm or cold depending upon the need.  Just pop them in either the freezer or the microwave and apply to your neck or face.  This pack includes a lavender aroma therapy spray for added relaxation.  Unlike bath essentials, these relaxation tools can be in use even when the kids are in the room.  Let’s face it!  There is not a lot of time alone when you are a special needs mom.

Bath and Body Gifts

Even though there is not a lot of alone time for moms, it is essential to carve out at least a little bit of time.  This is when moms can break out the bath essentials.   Bring on the scented candles, fun colored bath bombs, and body lotions.

Great Christmas Gifts for Special Needs Moms                Do you know what to get the special needs mom on your list?                 Great Gifts for the special needs mom on your list this year

If you have special needs moms on your list this year, you need to check out these items!  These are the things that special needs moms want, but forget to buy for themselves.

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