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Games Even Your Highschooler Will Get Excited About

Do you remember your child’s first sleepover party?  I know that I do, but now that my son is in highschool, these parties are a thing of the past.  If you are missing those days, why not excite your highschooler with a really cool game night. Games are so diverse that there is a never ending list of options that you have.  Of course the more contrast of a selection you have, the more exciting it’ll be. It also allows everyone to enjoy and excel because you have given such a variety of games that will be suited for a lot of different people.  Make sure to include games even your highschooler will get excited about.  

Host A Game Night For Your Highschooler

Games have existed for hundreds and hundreds of years.  The main purpose of them originally, was to pass the time and do something fun. That then resulted in bringing people together and sharing good vibes and experiences as one. So providing this at your party is one way to ensure that people will be mixing with one another.  Tt’s also a very good way of breaking the ice among nervous teenagers. Since the dawn of electronics, having a game night that doesn’t involve electricity could seem strange.  You will want to make sure to include appropriate games that also seem grown-up.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

Would You Rather?

This game has no limits as essentially you can ask absolutely anything. While there isn’t necessarily a winner per se, it’s a very fun game to find out about the people you are sharing a night with. It’s also very funny, especially if you have some joksters in the room.   As the game progresses, people will begin asking even stranger scenarios where you’re forced to choose one, regardless of how disgusting both options are.

Las Vegas

Let’s face it, who hasn’t dreamed of going off to Las Vegas and trying their luck in the oh so many casinos that are on offer? So how cool would you look if you had your very own slot machine stand in your living room or games room? You may even decide to take it as far as creating a whole Las Vegas vibe by adding a poker and blackjack table to the mix too. It’s always fun to have a theme to a party, whether or not you decide to dress up too is your choice.  Knowing you have an idea in mind and then decorating your home to fit is always more exciting. It adds so much more to the overall party experience.

Who Am I?

This is a game that can be enjoyed for all the family by just being slightly tweaked here and there.. You can also play this in many ways depending on your use of technology. There are versions you can download on a tablet or phone.  You can do it the old fashioned way with a pack of post-it notes. You all write down names of somebody well known, within the category of either friends, celebs, actors, cartoon characters, musicians, etc. Then without looking, one person sticks a name on their forehead and has to figure out who they are.  This is done by either asking questions, or getting given clues.  We play this with Disney characters quite often.

The nice thing about this game is that it can really match any party theme.  We have done Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars and many others.  The options are literally endless.

Games Even Your Highschooler Will Get Excited About

If you are thinking of planning a party for your highschooler, why not try a game night.  Just make sure to choose games even your highschooler will get excited about.

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