Free Travel Resources

Free Travel Resources

Here is the list of free resources that we thought you might find useful.  You are welcome to download any or all of these resources, but please do not share them with your friends and family.  Instead, have them drop us a line just like you did, and they will also have access to these resources.  We also have a VIP Facebook group subscribers.  You will find a community full of great tips and strategies for travelling with special needs.  If you would like any of the free resources, or if you would like to be part of the VIP Facebook group, simply enter your email below to get started!  Don’t worry, we don’t like spam either.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

Travel Checklists – Disney With Special Needs

Disney offers so much for those who happen to be travelling with special needs.  Use these checklists when you are in the parks to help you find the resources that your family needs.  Simply save these checklists to your phone and you have a resources that can be easily accessed each day of your trip.

Disney World Travel Checklist   Disney World Travel Checklist    Disney World Travel Checklist    Disney World Travel Checklist

Printable Travel Games – Great for Home School families

These printable travel kits use every day items from your home to create portable learning experiences. These will keep your kids learning on the go.  Simply pop one of these in a bag or purse, and your child will have a fun activity that does not require internet, electricity or a screen!

Mickey Matching Construction Busy Box Farm Busy Box play dough Busy Box Zoo Busy Box Car Busy Box


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