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FREE Fall Family Unit Study That Everyone Can Enjoy

I am so excited that fall has finally arrived!  Our family is enjoying the cool, crisp air and all of the activities that make this time of year so much fun.  The colder the air gets, the more I get that urge to back those yummy apple and pumpkin treats!  Bring out the fuzzy socks and over-sized sweatshirts, please.

What has your family been doing to enjoy fall?

We have been apple and pumpkin picking, and we have been working on our outdoor decorations.  My husband has been working very hard to get all the yard work finished by snowfall.  But, would you believe that we have already had our first actual sticking snowfall in Wisconsin?  Yuck! Well yuck for now anyways.  I do love snow for Christmas, but October is still a bit early for me, even in Wisconsin.

FREE Fall family unit study everyone can enjoy

Fall Family Unit Study

The most important thing we have been working this fall is our Fall Family Unit Study.  We never want to miss out on all the fun that comes with the fall season.  I know how busy fall can be, and though we have the best of intentions, sometimes the things we really want to do get lost by the wayside.  This year I am using our Fall Family Unit Study to make sure that we don’t forget to include all of the things we love about fall.  Our family would love to share this with you too!

Your family can participate in the Fall Family Unit Study by signing up for our free resources at the bottom of this page.

What’s included, you ask?

You will find something for the whole family including:

  • Matching games
  • Recipes
  • Hands-on Activities
  • Educational Activities
  • A Fun Science Experiment
  • Some Family Arts and Crafts Activities

We hope that you find these activities as much fun as we do!  And, if you would like a sneak peek at the kinds of fun that are included with the study, you can see one of our crafts that we made:  DIY Jack O’ Lantern Door Wreath.

DIY Jack O' Lantern

I will leave you with one final question.

What do Ireland, Halloween and Turnips have in common?

Don’t know?

Well, you can find the answer in the Fall Family Unit Study.  

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Thank you for all you do to make Life’s Special Necessities a great community for special needs and homeschool families.


FREE Fall Family Unit Study the Whole Family Will Enjoy!FREE Fall Family Unit Study the Whole Family Will Enjoy!









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